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#ImaniCowrie Bold

Over time, my sense of style shifted in my mid 20’s. I became way more invested in accessories now being at the 30’s age bracket. Rings are surely my fave to stack and splurge on. But its something about a statement earring that will make someone stop in their tracks to offer up a compliment. This is what I experience each time wearing the Imani Cowrie Mibili Black earrings. (Peep the image gallery when you click below)

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Mindful Upgrades For an Active Lifestyle

Once ya hit my age excising is a must! It not only keeps the body flexible and inline with healthy lifestyle, but its also a feel good drug that leaves you energized and ready to take on the day ahead. We all know that when you look good, you feel even greater so the same rule applies for when it’s time to break a sweat in your workout gear. You may meet your future boo thang or run into your ex during your exercise routine. Either way, ya still wana look fly while your sweating so consider these simple upgrades for your active wear.

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Temporarily Out of Commission. I’ll BRB Soon!

It’s been officially a week since being out of work and it ain’t due to Auntie Rona, but from a fractured finger on my right hand. I have a splint around my pinky and ring finger. I’m not sure why it extends past my wrist but it’s kinda annoying lol! No shampooing, head massages, or holding styling tools for the time being and my current clients have been notified by K. Louise Boutique Salon of my temporary absence. Depending on the salon’s availability some clients have been moved over to our Senior Stylist @KellyBeeStyles who will keep ya on point til then (thanks Kellz)!  

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How A Healthy Lifestyle Can Transform Your Holistic Well Being

This is a little reminder, for myself especially, of the importance of making intentional lifestyle changes. Once you get to the age where you can make your own food choices, we’re told about a balanced diet and why we need to stick to healthier foods. Some of us maybe listen. But honestly you don’t really pay attention to important stuff like that until AFTER college or late twenties even. Post pandemic shut down has shown me why I truly need to fuel my body with the proper nutrients because I’ve gained weigh, I feel more sluggish and my skin has been doing a bunch of weird stuff as a result of it. Having the right attitude when it comes to health, nutrition, and well being ensures everyone can fully function in a happy manner plus service the ones we love around us.

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Come and support the CROWN Act on Tuesday, October 13th. This 3 part virtual experience will be hosted by Personal Wardrobe Stylist Reagan Campbell from C Suite Styling and myself. At 6PM we will start off with a networking event where you can connect with CROWN Act supporters around the world! After the networking event we will break up into 2 separate workshops. One will focus on the types of discriminations minorities are likely to encounter while working in corporate America. The second workshop will focus on partnering self-expression within your brand story. Participants will be able to learn more about the speakers and choose which workshop they would like to attend during the ticket check out process. We will then wrap up the entire event with a virtual fashion show featuring local Philadelphia/New Jersey businesses. Both Reagan and I will showcase our styling skills in order to help naturals learn how to confidently accentuate their CROWN in the office.  

Purchase your EARLY BIRD ticket today

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What Can You Do To Protect Your Skin?

Redness, itchiness, blotchy dark marks are all of the least favorite things you want to associate with your skin. The skin can be super sensitive to certain elements, which is why breakouts can occur, irritation, or a number of other issues. However, there are ways you can protect the skin to ensure it stays healthy, pliable, and smooth. Here a few things to think about, or you can incorporate into your routine today.

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LISTEN UP: Final Part of The CROWN Act Series

The final webinar conversation is here with U.S. Congressman Dwight Evans. I wasn’t able to join the discussion for this amazing close out but Reagan held it down for the team beautifully.

You can catch Congressman Evans on: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Website if you’d like to reach the Congressman.

Learn more about what you can do to make sure this act is passed in your state next! Check out and SIGN the petition to support while your at it!

Take a listen and let us know why you believe this act is important to you.