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Keeping Dental Healthy Flossy

Photography by Naomieh

Did ya know approximately […] “26% of men and 37% of women floss daily”

BUT 40% of Black adults and 38% of Hispanic adults were more likely to report never flossing than white adults. (National Health & Nutrition Examination Survey)⠀⠀

I was never an avid flosser until I realized most of the crap I ate got stuck in my teeth when I was brace face in 7th\8th grade. Now flossing is essential because ya girl LOVES TO EAT + popcorn is my fave snack. @Cocofloss makes this tiny chore way more cooler with yummy flavor combos like fresh Coconut, Cara Cara orange, Pure strawberry + delicious mint!⠀⠀⠀

FRESHENING: Plaque stinks y’all! Woven with hundreds of grime-grabbing fibers, Cocofloss erases that sour, stinky plaque to leave your smile fresher than ever.⠀⠀

WHITENING: Plaque’s a yellow biofilm that covers our teeth. Cocofloss scrubs all the yellow gunk away to leave your teeth smooth, sparkling, and bright⠀⠀

SOOTHING: Reduce gum inflammation with Cocofloss! Coconut oil, a natural antimicrobial, soothes your gums while Cocofloss fibers scrub all that irritating plaque away. Think of flossing as another form of self care for your dental health + well being

No ad. No cap. Jus something I like using once @sistercicrlebrunch put me on from a dope swag bag

Lip/eye combo @bitebeauty The Multistick in gelato

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