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Swoop There It Is Edge Control

Refining and defining those baby’s hairs to create a work of art is all the rage when styling natural kinks, braids, and many other styles for Black women. I was able to get my hands on Original Moxie‘s Swoop Edge Control during the time I rocked my Cicley Tyson inspired cornrows.

I have always known Original Moxie to use the most natural ingredients, essential oils, and green practices. It’s no surprise to find their edge control full of unique hair growth properties like Pro-Vitamin B5, Beet Sugar Extract, and a custom blend of Botanical Oils. The Swoop Edge Control is an alcohol-free formula, strong hold gel for every styling need: braids, ponytails, or slick back styles it will keep that stubborn hairline in check. 

The Pro-Vitamin B5, is a humectant, emollient, and moisturizer that provides lasting benefits both for the hair and the scalp. It increases shine, improves elasticity, and helps promote healthy growth. The scent is so light and citrusy that I felt a little pick me up afterwards! The full size Swoop Edge Control retails at $14 for the 12 oz. jar but there is a Moxie Mini size if your not ready to make such a huge commitment just yet (I have to say the full size worth the splurge especially if you like to switch up your hair styles often!).

What’s your favorite hair style that may require some baby hair definition? Share with me below

Myself and momma Reagan had a great time being eaten by mosquitoes while out taking these photos. Don’t forget to be who you are, with swooped edges or not even!

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