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How A Healthy Lifestyle Can Transform Your Holistic Well Being

This is a little reminder, for myself especially, of the importance of making intentional lifestyle changes. Once you get to the age where you can make your own food choices, we’re told about a balanced diet and why we need to stick to healthier foods. Some of us maybe listen. But honestly you don’t really pay attention to important stuff like that until AFTER college or late twenties even. Post pandemic shut down has shown me why I truly need to fuel my body with the proper nutrients because I’ve gained weigh, I feel more sluggish and my skin has been doing a bunch of weird stuff as a result of it. Having the right attitude when it comes to health, nutrition, and well being ensures everyone can fully function in a happy manner plus service the ones we love around us.

When it comes to the pro’s + con’s of having healthy eating habits you typically hear about the weight loss and the weight gain. I mean even think about your teeth and gum health – you’ll need fewer visits to the dentist when making those pivotal lifestyle changes. Here are a few more wellness concepts that are overlooked too:

Increase of Healthy Mental State

There is a direct correlation between what you eat and the way you feel mentally. Of course, mental health is a hugely important aspect of life, so we all need to ensure that we’re doing what we can to optimize how we feel in our minds. If we eat nothing but junk food all of the time, then we’re going to feel sluggish throughout the day – this will, in turn, make us feel horrible and unmotivated about ourselves. The body has a way of making the mindset shift. Eating with healthy intention will make us also feel a lot better about our physiques. Although this isn’t an essential part of life but, it certainly is a confidence booster. 

More Peep in Your Step 

When the body is fueled with nutrients I guarantee you’ll have a lot more energy,. More energy means you’ll be in the mood to work out a little more. Small tasks around the house will feel like less of a challenge because you’ll have plenty of energy to exert. A mixture of good carbs, proteins, and fats will put you in a much better place anatomically. More energy means more time doing the things you love and enjoy!

Your Skin Will Improve

We all know that staying hydrated and having a mindful, consistent skin care routine will help out our skin. What we ingest helps out a lot too. Sugary snacks and processed food products will likely cause break outs because they lack wholesome nutrients. A balanced lifestyle of proteins, healthy fats, fruits and veggies will show love towards the largest organ of our bodies: the skin 

New Culinary Inspiration

Differentiating between what to eat and what to avoid can get a lil tricky. The more you know the more you will grow plus using social media platforms can help with this. I get a tone of recipe ideas for new ways to make boring veggies more exciting. Pinterest, IG, TicTok you name it and inspiration can be found anywhere. The more you broaden your tastebuds the more inclined you are to practice creating healthy meal planning.

‘You are what you eat’ is a very literal term. Being mindful about the foods you eat or the beverages you drink can have such a positive outcome. There is always room for improvement. But if you happen to fall off the wagon, just remember it’s okay. Regroup and set a new goal to conquer the next day!

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