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Temporarily Out of Commission. I’ll BRB Soon!

It’s been officially a week since being out of work and it ain’t due to Auntie Rona, but from a fractured finger on my right hand. I have a splint around my pinky and ring finger. I’m not sure why it extends past my wrist but it’s kinda annoying lol! No shampooing, head massages, or holding styling tools for the time being and my current clients have been notified by K. Louise Boutique Salon of my temporary absence. Depending on the salon’s availability some clients have been moved over to our Senior Stylist @KellyBeeStyles who will keep ya on point til then (thanks Kellz)!  

If you’re wondering why you’re having a hard time booking an appointment with me for the month of December, this is the reason why unfortunately; I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause anyone. This sucks for me just as much as it sucks for you. However, my spirits are high and I’m hopeful my finger will heal on its own.

A fractured finger? Well how did you do that girl?

Welp, on 11/30 I accidentally fell over a box at my part time gig, was in mid air and went SPLAT onto the hard tile floor. 


It literally happened in seconds and all I can recall is walking down the hallway and then I was falling onto the ground. I’m assuming since I tried to break my fall with my right hand, the impact or weight was mainly placed on my ring finger since it was the only area affected. I noticed my finger throbbing in pain and I looked at it immediately. It was intact and looked normal so I shook the pain off, got up off the floor, shuffled a few things back into place to clear the scene and clocked into work. I still tried to shake the pain off as my co-worker chatted me in on updates. When all of sudden I started to feel a flush of warmth all over my body. My mouth started to water like a dog then I felt light headed and dizzy so I excused myself until my head stopped spinning. 

Looks kinda normal right?

This is what my hand looked like immediately after I fell. I typically wear a ring on my injured finger but I am glad I decided not to on this day because THAT could have made the situation worse.

A literal Vienna Sausage...

4 hours went by and my finger was starting to swell and become more stiff. The reason I stayed at work was because I thought I jammed my finger really bad so I dealt with the pain. Besides, all of the nearby urgent centers were closed by this time on a Sunday. We made an incident report before I left and I figured I would have to get it looked at the next day.

Couldn't even straighten the finger if I tried

Monday rolled around and the pain was so intense it woke me up at 5am. I’m never up that early! By now my hand was a bruised tie dye blue-purple color. I made an appointment at an urgent care clinic only for the nurse to tell me that work related injuries are not a part of their services. Annoyed that I went across town to West Philly with no progress, I headed back to the northeast to hit the grocery store before I made a trip to the ER.

The ER was full and filled with elderly people in wheelchairs waiting patiently for hours just like me. 8 hours and a Door Dash delivery for food later, it was confirmed via X-Ray that my ring finger was indeed fractured. While I waited in the ER I had a feeling that was the case.

FUN FACT: This is my second fractured finger on my right hand to date. The first time was over 10 years ago in high school playing soccer during our all star game against Frankford High School. I remember experiencing similar symptoms with my finger being heavily bruised and unable to bend or straighten the finger.  

I see the orthopedic specialist at Rothman Institute on Monday. I also started taking daily Bone Density supplements that are high in calcium, magnesium, Vitamin D-3 and Vitamin K-2 to help with my healing process. Now I’m even more curious to see what my post x-ray will show the next follow up visit.

Laughing more from shock if anything

In the meantime or in between time, you can begin BOOKING SERVICES WITH ME FOR JANUARY 2021. Thank you for always supporting me. I appreciate everyone sending well wishes and prayers; I know I will see you just in time for the new year!  

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