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Winterize Your Natural Hair with Coconut Oil

It’s winter time now which can be a trying season for naturals and their hair. The air is consistently dry so you will have to keep your hair’s moisturizing routine on point to retain healthy strands. Now is the time to switch over to creamier or denser products that have a thick coating and coconut oil can do the trick. It will act as a protective barrier between your hair and the outside elements like the cold wind. I FINALLY got my first jar of coconut oil and this will surely replace my shea butter I usually turn to in the winter. Coconut oil has many purposes from cooking even to beauty and skin care uses. It smells delicious and here a few simple ways to incorporate this oil into your routine this season.

Focus on the Scalp

Whether your scalp is normal or is known to flake up from dandruff, keeping your scalp free from tightness and itchiness starts with focusing on the scalp. Parting your hair and applying an oil or cream to the scalp every 3-4 days can relieve some irritation due to the changing weather and  also has antibacterial and antifungal properties which is even better. The coconut oil in a jar has a dense consistency and resembles a pomade but it will melt right on to your scalp once applied.

Hot Oil Treatments

Hot oil treatments are good for any time of the year but during a time like winter you will see incredible results. If your coconut oil comes in the jar form as a posed to the liquid version all you need to do is scoop out some oil into a glass bowl, or measuring cup, and sit it in a bowl of hot water until it melts. I just learned that  microwaving coconut oil (or many oils for that matter) will  destroy the beneficial properties  it has. You can also make a hot oil cocktail by adding drops of your favorite oils with coconut oil (I would use castor oil and peppermint oil), apply the mixture to your scalp and ends of hair, let it sit for for 30-45 minutes, rinse, shampoo and style hair as usual.

Keep the Ends Moisturized

Slather on a bit of coconut oil to the ends of hair while wet or dry. If my hair is dry I like to mist my hands with my spray bottle of water and dampen the ends of my hair before applying the oil for extra sealing powers.


*Take precaution using coconut oil on wet hair and immediately going outside into the cold. Because of its consistency in the cold weather the oil will harden and make hair stiff so keep in mind when styling your hair. It hasn’t happened to me but I found this cool fact out from some other naturals:0


I am currently using the Vitamin Shoppe Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil but you can easily find the oil at any health or grocery store. Opting for the unrefined version keeps all the coconut oil nutrients in the final product so your skin and hair can benefit from all of its properties. However, if you have any nut allergies than you may want to steer clear of an oil like this and try of a plant based oil. Your hair will enjoy every moment of it!

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