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Fortify Your Hair’s Strength with Fountain Beauty’s Hair Molecule

Disclaimer: From time to time I am given products in exchange for a review. Although products and items are gifted to me by brands/companies, this does not have any affect on my judgment or the OrganixLocs brand. Therefore all written content is my opinion and voice only. In addition, please consult with your doctor before adding any supplements to your lifestyle.

Technology, and among other things, is what keeps the world developing and it also keeps the beauty industry on its innovative toes. From the tools we use like flexi rods and hooded dryers down to our daily skincare and cosmetics that many women wouldn’t go a day without, the evolution of the beauty industry is how many of these essentials came into existence. When I bumped into the beauty company DECIEM, I was impressed when I learned that this beauty umbrella, which housed 50 brands, only started in 2013! I browsed through their portfolio of products and that’s where I discovered the Fountain Beauty supplement. I was determined to get my hands on this unconventional beauty invention.

Fountain is a beauty supplement offering water-soluble forms of proven health and beauty nutrients in easy-to-take liquid formats –Fountain Beauty


With a name like Fountain Beauty you wouldn’t have to look twice before your curiosity was itching to learn more because it makes you think automatically about ‘the fountain of youth’ (I’m sure they did that for a reason)! Fountain is a beauty supplement offering water-soluble forms of proven health and beauty nutrients in easy-to-take liquid formats -Fountain Beauty. My main reason for wanting to give the Fountain supplements a review is because of two things:

1) There is a supplement specifically for hair which comes in handy for spreading the good news as a cosmetologist and blogger like myself.

2) To show a unique option for my natural ladies who may be interested in adding a supplement to their hair care routine.

Fountain has 10 beauty supplements to choose from and they are referred to as Molecules. Depending on your beauty needs the prices vary but there are a range of nutrients to help maintain collagen (the substances that holds our bodies together), the skin, cognitive functions like thinking and memory, or even to boost energy. I tried the Hair Molecule and it retails for $35.00. This may sound steep but in reality specialty supplements can run between $30-$65 even at a local GNC. I pay about $36 bucks for my daily probiotic so the Hair Molecule is a reasonable price and this I know for sure. All of the Fountain Beauty supplements are free of artificial colors, flavors, and can be used for women as well as men.


The Hair Molecule contains Silicon (500mg), Biotin (200 μg), and Hyaluronic Acid. First, Silicon is not to be mistaken as Silicone because they are two different elements so lets play with some chemistry! Silicon is a natural mineral found within the earth while Silicone is a synthetic blend of materials that resembles plastic (yes like the plastic for!). Silicon not only helps with hair growth but in certain doses aids in positive bone formation too. The amount of Biotin in every two tea-spoon serving has been shown to help people with dry scalps. Members of the dry itchy scalp club (you know who you are) this is good for you:) Lastly the Hyaluronic Acid will help “regulate and preserve moisture within tissues and deliver nutrients into the cells. It also enhances the tissue’s water retention capacity” –Fountain Beauty.


The best part about this supplement is that it’s in liquid form and if you’re not a fan of swallowing those other giant horse pills then this will work all in your favor. The water soluble properties not only make it easy for your body to adsorb the nutrients but it can also be combined with juice or any other beverage that you like. So there are plenty of options with Fountain Beauty. I took my two teaspoons in the morning but just drank it straight. I am usually always in a hurry in the morning so I haven’t tried mixing it with another beverage. Just by itself the Hair Molecule has a berry flavor that’s a bit on the tart or tangy side. This could be another incentive for someone to add the supplement to a beverage to stay clear of a certain taste. I didn’t mind it much and took my beauty dose straight up! I started taking my Fountain supplement during a crucial hair time because I had decided to permanently color my hair. In addition to my regular hair care routine, managing my split ends and deep treatments my hair felt more hydrated then usual and I am sure I can thank Fountain Beauty for that. For longer lasting results I would suggest taking the supplements over a longer period of time while also being mindful that proper hair maintenance along with a balanced diet will all work together when incorporating a supplement.


DECIEM offers a solution for many beauty concerns in a witty innovative kind of way. I have to give it to them because they’re pretty darn smart and the packaging alone is enough to make you stop to learn more about Fountain. My only suggestion is that I would love for each Molecule to come with a recyclable or biodegradable measuring spoon. I know I do a lot of traveling as well so it would be cool to even see a travel sized version where you could spray the supplement right onto the tongue and I could carry it in my bag for easy access. Now that would make my life more simpler! I could be asking for too much but a girl can dream right! All in all  I would definitely recommend this product to others and use it again. If you’re interested in purchasing a Molecule then head on over to where there is free standard shipping on your order!

Have you ever tried a supplement for hair growth and if so how did it work for your hair? Would you ever give Fountain Beauty a try?

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