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Carol’s Daughter Now at Target

If you haven’t heard the exciting news then you can heard it from Lisa Price, the founder of Carol’s Daughter, herself! The brand has partnered with Target to bring you the same quality products but with consumer convenience in mind at an affordable price point. I’m so glad to see what was once known as the “Ethnic Hair Care” isle in many super markets and stores to expand to something much greater by identifying the need for products that cater to a variety of women and their hair textures! As Price explains it in an interview with Essence Magazine in this month’s issue:

“I felt like there was room to expand and to have my products seen in a more universal way. I love how Target has taken on the ethnicĀ  aisle and recoined it ‘multicultural,’ making it a pleasant place to shop and not one where you feel embarrassed or have to go and dust things off before purchasing them.

The Price describes this reunion as #PerfectPerfected with the same formula and natural ingredients, new packaging, in a new location (Target), everything about this moment is just right. I always did like Target’s hair care selection better than any other super market and now there are even more reasons for me to sneak off to the store for a shopping spree. Carol’s Daughter also added an exclusive Sacred Tiare line, which includes Sulfate-Free Shampoo $12, Fortifying Conditioner $14, Restorative Hair Mask $15, Leave-In Conditioner $12, Smoothing Serum $15, and Styling Cream $12, only sold at Target.

Scared Tiare

“Sacred Tiare is a formula that addresses the strength of the hair. Some key ingredients are moringa seed oil, which protects the hair from the sun’s drying, damaging and color-depleting rays; babassu oil, which keeps hair sleek and strong; and calendula, vitamin D5, and coconut oil–all of which help to nourish the hair, keeping it healthy while reducing frizz.” -Lisa Price

Now we all can go out to Target to purchase our go-to essentials or a one of a kind product the next time we make a grocery store run. I believe this partnership will open up even more opportunities for many of the women entrepreneurs who are in the hair care production niche. As Target continues to look for innovative products to grow their multicultural hair care selection and stay proactive with the feedback from female consumers, then they have a great thing happening for them. I already see this chain reaction taking effect as I found out yesterday via Instagram that Alikay Naturals, founded by Rochelle in 2009, was found on the shelves at the DC Target and How amazing is that! In the mean time, check your local Target to make sure they carry Carol’s Daughter, but if you prefer to shop online you have that option as well and tell me what you think about the products below.

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