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5 Ways to Pamper Your Hair & Promote Growth

Let this year be all about taking care of YOU. The hustle and bustle of life can often let you forget such a simple thing. Pamper your tresses with a few of these treatments to help to promote hair growth while stimulating your senses as well.


There is nothing like enjoying a day at the spa for a full body massage to detox and relax the muscles and joints. When you think of full body there is one area that is neglected: the head and its scalp. Just like massages are beneficial to the limbs the stimulating movements are great for the scalp too. According to The Huffington Post scalp massages can reduce stress and uplift your mood, creates a healthy environment for hair growth, and stimulates blood flow to the skin and hair. Combine these benefits with aroma therapy and you’ll have a Zen experience. Find a local spa in your area and set up an appointment with a massage therapist for a specialized scalp treatment ASAP!

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