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4 Easy Ways to Make a Blow Out Last on Textured Hair

Remember those tips for making a blowout last longer I’d mentioned in my Winter Vintage style post? Well the deets are here; the one great thing– well I would say (but you can agree with me too)– about naturally textured/curly hair would be its versatility. One moment it’s curly and the next moment it can be blown out straight, crinkled, wavy or spiral curled and all that good stuff. You really get the best of both worlds which is why I believe many women have started to learn and educate themselves on caring for their hair just the way it is. Acknowledging and accepting oneself just as you are is an empowering feeling and switching up your hair style from time to time gives a mood booster and makes life much more exciting doesn’t it ladies;) Now that its’ going on my 4th week of wearing my hair blown out and straight, with only 2x’s I reapplied direct heat to my hair, I have some really great tips that will help your blow out/press to last a little longer when you feel the urge to temporarily go straight commando!

Start Off with Lots of Volume or Curls

Do you ever wonder why elderly women or grandma’s like their hair curled super tight when they go to the hair dresser? It’s because the hair style lasts 5x’s longer when the style has the most volume, body, and is curled or styled on the tighter side. Trust me, you may think you have granny curls at first but your blowout won’t go limp and lifeless in the weeks to come.

Pin Curl or Set Your Hair on Rollers

To keep the maximum volume, body, and those cascading curls in place the easiest up keep method is to either set the hair each night with pin curls or on soft rollers. I personally don’t have time for the rollers but which ever floats your boat really.

Wrap Hair Every Night like a ‘Dobbie’

Circa 2013 American Music Awards at Nokia Theatre L.A. (Photo by Jason LaVeris/FilmMagic)

When your blowout/press is starting to loose its bouncy formation this is the perfect time to start using the wrap, also considered a ‘dobbie’, hair setting technique for your hair at night. It’s basically taking a brush and wrapping the hair around your head in a circular motion. By brushing the hair around the form of the head it creates shape and some volume for straighter hair styles. The ends of the hair are also super protected while you sleep since its tucked away at night under your head scarf. Take note of the night time routine that Rihanna turned into a fashion statement above.

Get a Dry Shampoo

We all know that curly hair naturally lacks moisture due to all the coils and curl loops it has so the body’s natural oils never make it completely down the entire strand of hair. Well in the case of a blowout the hair is straight for the moment so the natural oils will travel a bit easier when your hair is in this state. WHAT? Yes, true fact girl. To help your hair look like a second day blow out and no stiff or oily the magic trick is in the dry shampoo. It will attach and absorb any oil molecules on the hair which makes the hair light, fluffy and full of movement. Spray the dry shampoo in areas where there is the most oil build up and take a brush to distribute the product through the hair. Take a look my oldie but goodie “Is It Ok To Use Dry Shampoo On Natural Hair” post about dry shampoos.


Well there you have it! Which techniques have you tried that keeps your blow out flowing?


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