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Black Lives Matter and This is How You Can Help

As Black people we are experiencing so much grief, anguish, anxiety, and hopelessness amongst other emotions that we don’t even have the words to describe how we feel. The earth is weeping from the blood shed of our people. ‘Enough is ENOUGH ‘is no longer just a phrase but has evoked a global shift to further dismantle the systematic racist ideologies that plague the very soil of America. Here is what you and I can do to help

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Stay Up On It: 41 Black Owned-Beauty Brands to Support

“While it’s top of mind now more than ever, let’s just get one thing straight: Every day is an opportunity to celebrate Black culture. Black innovators, artists, business people, and regular folk alike have all contributed so much to our society, locally and worldwide. We see the global influence of Black culture in so many different mediums, including beauty.”

Get the full list of these dynamic 41 Black Owned brands to Support via Allure

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Claim Your Spot for Part #2!

PushingForward: Natural Hair & The CROWN Act webinar is back for a second session! Myself + business stylist Reagan Campbell of @CSuiteStyling are excited to have HR professional Andrea L. Grandville, MBA. She’ll discuss how to utilize resources we may not have realized are available to us when faced with an incident of hair discrimination within the office or academic settings.  

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5 Cute Hair Styles for Short Natural Hair

As if the struggle wasn’t real enough during a time like this, adding hair styling woes can take emotions to the next level. Instead of becoming frustrated, embrace the moment and grab hair inspiration via virtual beauty coach, Tressenoire to keep your spirits high and short hair fleeky!

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Pouring into Self Amid the CRISIS

I had no idea in my lifetime I’d experience anything like the state of what’s currently happening in the world. Then again a world crisis will always be the furthest thought from anyone’s mind. Well, unless you work for the government or a disaster task team. Then it’s your life’s work to train for these moments I suppose.  

But, as I navigate through society as an adult — as if the “adulting years” don’t cause a mid-life crisis on its own– I’ve come to realize there will be tons of situations beyond my control. What I do have control over are moments where I am free to be myself and to nourish my inner well being. Hence, the image above with my bentonite clay and turmeric mask. Times of high stress and uncertainty call for a detox to slow my skin down from freaking out like the rest of the world!

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Protective Stylin’ w/ Jamaican Mango & Lime Hemp Oil Collection

When I first transitioned to wearing my natural curls in college I made a ton of DIY mixtures or deep conditioning treatments. This was also the time I discovered the Jamician Mango & Lime brand and started to use their Locking Creme wax.

And NO I wasn’t planning to lock my hair.

But the product alone kept my hair soft and moisturized so it was a big help in maintaining my two- strand twists, which I wore for weeks at a time.

This summer, an online beauty retailer based in Illinois, asked me to check out the new Jamaican Mango & Lime Hemp Oil collection and I was onboard with this exciting mission. Although it’s been over 10 years since I used any Jamaican Mango & Lime products, my first experience with the brand was a good one and they make great quality products for twists, locks, braids and other curly/textured styles.

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Marsh+Mane Takes An Elevated Approach on Natural Beauty Retail

Philly has been home to a plethora of budding local businesses. Let’s see… There are restaurateurs carving out culinary niches of fusion cuisines that pay homage to their nostalgic cultural ties to home. The coffee houses and cafes were once far and very few in between but now they’ve eagerly set up shop to roast their aromatic beans here as well. Even when it comes to beer, you never realize all the micro breweries hidden throughout the city until you’re walking down some random alleyway or you deviate from your normal beaten path. The heavy community of fashion designers, musicians, and artists might even surprise you (well, maybe if you’re not a Philly native it just might)!

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