Fourth Day & Denim

All images captured by @TheOliveWave

Now the weather has started to make sense of itself, I can finally shed a few layers of clothing in exchange for a sunny day. Besides, my last style post was back in January so it’s long overdue…don’t you think? But you might also be wondering what the heck does “Fourth Day + Denim” even mean? NOOooo it hasn’t been four days since I last washed my jeans– although you do get better results from washing your denim less often– but denim is my favorite piece of clothing to wear so that’s part of the reason. The real kicker is that the day I took these photos, my hair was a fourth day-old re-twist that I had set earlier in the week. I never really do like my hair when it’s freshly done because it’s just to neat for me. I LOVE messy, unintentional hair that sits all over my head after the wind blows it all around my face. It takes about 3-4 days for my fro to get massive like this! I literally wake up with a different form of a hairstyle every morning because naturally curly hair creates a new personality daily (I know you ladies know what I’m talking about)! A big curly fro, high waisted denim, and a distressed t-shirt just sounds like all of the good things in life meshed together. How could I couldn’t go wrong!

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Hair + Care

The Power of the Flower

There is something cool and unique about flowers during the spring. Maybe it’s the sweet light aroma of a flower or its delicate petals and various colors that resemble actual personalities. The other reason could be its symbolism for growth and new life if a newly blossoming flower comes to mind. Besides its pure beauty, flowers have potent medicinal benefits for the hair and skin that is often overlooked. This season, create new ways to incorporate floral essential oils into your hair or skin routine for healthy and strong tresses. Since many of these aroma floral oils have antibacterial elements that minimize infections and the growth of bacteria, using these oils during the course of protective styles, such as extensions and sew-ins, braids, or whenever the scalp is enclosed, will keep the scalp at a balanced pH level, cleansed between the use of shampoos, free of build up, and naturally fragrant. That way hitting the gym or swimming becomes less of a hassle when maintaining certain hair styles during the warmer seasons. Take a peek at these essential oils to see which flower would be most beneficial for you.

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The Come Back: 2nd Annual Politics of Black Woman’s Hair Symposium

A few of you may remember that time, last year, I went to Rowan University (RU) in New Jersey to speak as their opening plenary during the symposium (if you have no clue of what I’m talking about no worries. Take a quick peek at the video from last year’s program!). This year the Politics of Black Woman’s Hair Symposium was presented by The Women’s Center, in collaboration with the Dr. Harley E. Flack Student Mentoring Program and Mu Sigma Upsilon Sorority, Inc. This year’s experiences topped the previous year’s symposium, all though it was ALLLL that and a bag of chips too, but I was more ecstatic to have the opportunity to participate once again. This time I was the keynote speaker, which added more pressure on my behalf than before, but the warmth and openness from the students and faculty at RU made it all worthwhile. Not only did the college students attend but the Student Mentoring Program gave a chance for the young adults at Glassboro High School to learn and engage with the topics so that was even better!

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Hair + Care

4 Easy Ways to Make a Blow Out Last on Textured Hair

Remember those tips for making a blowout last longer I’d mentioned in my Winter Vintage style post? Well the deets are here; the one great thing– well I would say (but you can agree with me too)– about naturally textured/curly hair would be its versatility. One moment it’s curly and the next moment it can be blown out straight, crinkled, wavy or spiral curled and all that good stuff. You really get the best of both worlds which is why I believe many women have started to learn and educate themselves on caring for their hair just the way it is. Acknowledging and accepting oneself just as you are is an empowering feeling and switching up your hair style from time to time gives a mood booster and makes life much more exciting doesn’t it ladies;) Now that its’ going on my 4th week of wearing my hair blown out and straight, with only 2x’s I reapplied direct heat to my hair, I have some really great tips that will help your blow out/press to last a little longer when you feel the urge to temporarily go straight commando!

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#OOTD: Winter Vintage Inspiration

It was a pretty great day on Sunday and you may have noticed how I rarely ever post full style images, but I wanted to try something new since everyday is an opportunity to go beyond ordinary, wouldn’t you agree? I’ve been wearing my hair blown out in a straight style since the start of January (which reminds me I’ll have to share my cool tips on maintaining a press and/or blowout for the Curly Sue’s out there…hold on to that thought!) and went for an elegant, yet, classic look for the day. Tell me how you enjoy the images below by leaving a comment and I’ll have the outfit details too!

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More Alike Than Different: Relaxed vs. Textured Hair

The physical characteristics of curly hair in comparison to relaxed hair differ a great deal, but why is it so? It all comes down to the alignment of the physical side bonds and chemical side bonds of the hair itself. For starters, physical side bonds are broken by heat or water but the bonds reform once the hair cools down, or dries, which makes it like a temporary breakdown. Think of naturally textured hair when blown out and straightened with a heat styling tool or being manipulated and reformed by a twist out, bantu knot out, or rod set. Do you kinda get the idea?

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Shop Small & Local This Holiday

Earlier in November you might have heard me quickly mention my new writing gig with the elite hair community, Our MANE Society, created by stylist to the stars and Aveda Artistic Director Tippi Shorter (it’s super exciting I know!). Just a few weeks ago I curated a gift guide with Tippi for all types of hair for the MANE Society that you can browse here…you know in case you need some fresh gift ideas:) Between the gift guide my love of shopping local, on top of small business Saturday that passed a while back, I thought why not share a few beauty and fashion brands that you may like to support. Besides, small businesses are what keeps the world and economy churning. Let’s play our part as supporters and see if they have anything you need!

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Life & Times

Andra Day Came To Philly

I’ve been following songstress, writer, and artist Andra Day since last year after I found out she was the voice behind the song “Rise Up” from the Dr. Dre Beats commercial I kept seeing featuring Serena Williams. I heard about the Cheers To The Fall tour dates through a newsletter update and saw Andra was hitting Philly during my birthday month of November. So I thought to myself “why not treat myself” to her performance at Union Transfer. Even though it was last minute I went a head and got my tickets ant way. I didn’t get any good images while I was there because I was too busy being swept away by all the melodies, instruments and lights but the show was nothing short of amazing! The sister duo Chloe X Halle, Beyonce’s newest Park Wood Entertainment artists, opened up the show with songs from their Sugar Symphony EP and had the crowd rocking with their eclectic style. Andra Day went all in on that stage with her soulful voice and her classic feminine style to match! I highly suggest seeing her live but check out her videos in the meantime until a tour date comes close to your home town!