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Product Review: COCO | CONSCIOUS StraighTransformations Shampoo + Conditioner

Last month I posted an interview with the Coco | Conscious founder, Megan Johnson, and I’m back with the anticipated review. I thoroughly enjoyed the Coco | Conscious StraighTransformations Purifying Gentle Cleanser and Smoothing Deep Treatment, as this was my second time using a smoothing product, and I immediately saw results that’s helped to manage my hair’s fizziness and shine. Unlike my first experience with a smoothing/manageability product (I tried Beautiful Textures in the past and wasn’t crazy about the smell of the products or the way my hair felt afterwards) and Coco | Conscious was a great alternative to what I was expecting from a more natural smoothing product. It’s absent from many chemicals as the StraighTransformations collection is 97% natural (talk about quality ingredients with benefits right!).

coco 3

I received samples of steps 1 and 3 of the StraighTransformations system which is one the popular Coco Conscious products. First, I gave my hair a pre-treatment with coconut oil then went on to use the Purifying Gentle Cleanser (step 1). The shampoo has a light botanical scent that reminds me of a day at the spa, and it gave my hair a good cleanse like a great clarifying shampoo does. My hair was somewhat dry afterwards which is expected because a clarifying, or purifying, shampoo is made to remove product buildup. In the case of the StraighTransformations system, it makes even more sense because it’s beneficial to cleanse any build up in order to have the ingredients within the products evenly coat and bind to the cuticles of the hair for optimum smoothness.

coco 2

After shampooing I went ahead to use the Smoothing Deep Treatment (step 3), which also had the same botanical scent. The conditioner was thick and creamy and I made sure I took each section of my detangled + cleansed hair and smoothed it on in a downward direction (from the roots to my ends). The directions say to leave the conditioner in for 15-45 minutes (I left mine on for 45 minutes) and then rinse. I went ahead and styled my hair as usual with medium chunky two strand twists, a light oil, and air dryer overnight; the results were lovely! My twist out was smooth, had great shine, and my hair didn’t frizz as quickly which is a plus. The next day after doing my hair, I had performed in a play produced by my church and had a praise dance solo. Since I was moving around I usually sweat within my scalp so the length of my hair shrinks pretty quickly over time. However, after using the two products from the Coco | Conscious StraighTransformations Purifying Gentle Cleanser and Smoothing Deep Treatment I was surprised at how much my hair didn’t swell up from the moisture as quickly. If you’re looking for products to help tame frizz and combat humidity while softening the hair then you should give Coco | Conscious a try. The Purifying Gentle Cleanser  is $14.99 and the Smoothing Deep Treatment is $17.99. Although I only used two of the four products and achieved great results, I would highly suggest using the entire collection for consistent results. All of the products are available for pre-order through

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