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Simple Hair Styles for Once the Heat Hits

Each week the temperatures keep rising and it’s hard to believe we’re technically still in the spring season. Well, Mother Nature must have passed right on by Miss Spring because we’ve been experiencing nothing but her warm, bright, and sunny rays so soon! With the heat comes the responsibility staying cool so sweating is at its bare minimum, or keeping those active oil glands from releasing a veil of shine over your T-zones for those with oily skin, and blocking the humidity that makes natural hair expand, shrink, and recoil out of any style too quickly. If you’re crunched for time, or a budget, here are three hassle free styles you can try for longer lasting results when the sudden heat is trying to work against you!

Chunk/Mini Twist

Whether it’s chunky or mini, two strand twists will surely get you through 2 weeks and beyond of humidity. Because of the versatility the twists can be worn down, up, braided, and in a bun; it’s up to you which way you want to style them.


It’s as easy as it sounds: simply roll the ends of your hair towards the base of your scalp to tuck the ends safely into a pinned up style with hair pins. Try this on freshly shampooed hair, an old twist out and even a week old wash-n-go. It may take a few tries but there is no right or wrong way to be creative with this.

Goddess Braid

The goddess braid is one of those effortless styles that won’t require too much time, thought, or precision because it looks best when on the messy and wispy undone side. Just like fine wine, overtime the goddess braid looks more stylish with a bohemian and free spirited flare.

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