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CEO of Myavana Wins BET’S ‘Next In Class’ Award In STEM

The women within the beauty industry continue to make move towards greatness! It makes me so proud + excited to uplift and share such great news with all of you in regards to the CEO of Myavana, Candace Mitchell, who is being awarded at the BET Honors for the S.T.E.M. (science, technology, engineering & math) category.

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Let us all tune into BET’s: Next in Class Award ceremony being broadcasted on Monday, March 14th at 8p/7c on the BET network (set a reminder for yourself on your phone because you are very much aware in advance!).

“Next in Class was created to compliment the BET Honors and puts a spotlight on up-and-comers following in the footsteps of those honored in the past. Winners were voted on by the public and Candace was one of three candidates competing in the S.T.E.M. category.”

Congratulations Candace and we’ll be waiting to cheer you on at the ceremony! To learn more about this impactful CEO check her out here!

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