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Hair 101: Securing The Cuticle with Aloe Vera

Here is a quick and useful hair tip that will keep your hair smooth and shiny all summer. The substance inside the Aloe Vera plant has the same pH as your hair (around a 4.5 pH) which is perfect for closing the hair’s cuticle– the very outer layer of the hair that allows moisture and products to be absorbed into the hair shaft. When the hair’s cuticle is closed and lays flat and secure, the hair appears shiny from the light that is reflected from the sun and off of the hair but also offers the ultimate smoothness for easy manipulation, styling, and detangling.



If your using a leaf from the Aloe Vera plant simply cut it open and squeeze out the semi-gel substance and smooth onto your hair. If your in a time crunch and don’t really want to care for an Aloe Vera plant, you can also go to Whole Foods and just purchase one leaf at a time or go for the Aloe Vera juice in a natural form with the least preservatives possible. With the Aloe Vera juice you can make a leave-in hair detangling spray or curl refresher in fresh batches and store it in the fridge when your not using it. You can also get creative and add glycerin or coconut oil for maximum hair hydration. Try fresh Aloe Vera if you haven’t done so before and watch the power of this plant smooth and balance your kinks and curls!

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