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Thanks To K Beauty For Putting Us On To #GlassNails

There is a big buzz surrounding Korean Beauty products these days as every magazine editor, along with beauty retailers like Sephora, highlight the natural and concentrated Asian beauty products to women with all types of skin concerns. The founder of K Beauty and the co-founder of Glow Recipe, a site of carefully curated natural, harsh-free accessible beauty products from Korea, Sarah Lee shared the latest products during the preview at Kakaboka Salon, which was Manhattan’s first Korean Hair salon that became known for servicing celebrities, in Koreatown. There were a variety of items showcased from the benefits of using sea kelp sheet masks to moisturizers packed with cactus plant and budding Tremella mushrooms that resembled beautiful flowers. The most fascinating demo was the glass nails created by Korean Celebrity Manicurist, K-nail trend leader, and founder of Unistella Eun Kyung Park. The intricate iridescent design was inspired by the abalone fish shell while Park was out having dinner one evening.

Five months later the nail design is trending like wild fire and it’s only right that we let you in on the nail secret! The nail art is created by cutting and layering thin pieces of rainbow film over top of a wet base coating of gel polish, then sealed and cured with a gel top coat (it can be done over dry regular polish but works best with the glass nail sticker decals that Park designed and are now sold out!). Glass nails are moving around from city to city and the nail craze is making its home in the U.S. Make sure you take a screen shot to have your manicurist replicate the design next time you’re at the nail salon.

Images: Pinterest

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