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Post Mother’s Day Inspiration: Cheerios #HealthyHeart Mommy-Daughter Duo

The national holiday might be over but spending moments with our mother’s happen on a daily basis because they are always there to witness or help us through the good, the bad, and the ugly. If your due for a good “awwww” moment this Cheerios #HealthyHeart commercial will have you reminiscing over dance parties and silly moments with Mom from back in the day. This may even inspire you to bust out the old home videos your Mom hates to admit she secretly keeps stashed in the closet or somewhere random! What I found more adorable is remembering when I first spotted the little dancer, Heaven, and her Mom Tianne King on the Ellen DeGeneres show a few years back and she had so much life then dancing to Beyonce’s End of Time song and she’s grown so much bigger now; you go girl!

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