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The Power of the Flower

There is something cool and unique about flowers during the spring. Maybe it’s the sweet light aroma of a flower or its delicate petals and various colors that resemble actual personalities. The other reason could be its symbolism for growth and new life if a newly blossoming flower comes to mind. Besides its pure beauty, flowers have potent medicinal benefits for the hair and skin that is often overlooked. This season, create new ways to incorporate floral essential oils into your hair or skin routine for healthy and strong tresses. Since many of these aroma floral oils have antibacterial elements that minimize infections and the growth of bacteria, using these oils during the course of protective styles, such as extensions and sew-ins, braids, or whenever the scalp is enclosed, will keep the scalp at a balanced pH level, cleansed between the use of shampoos, free of build up, and naturally fragrant. That way hitting the gym or swimming becomes less of a hassle when maintaining certain hair styles during the warmer seasons. Take a peek at these essential oils to see which flower would be most beneficial for you.

Soothing & Anti-Inflammatory Power

Geranium Oil

The scientific term for the Geranium is pelargonium odorantissimum. This oil has astringent properties that help to tighten loose skin. Geranium speeds up the healing process for wounds and cuts but also helps to recycle dead skin cells and regenerate new ones. The flower aids in facilitating blood flow within the skin to produce an even skin complexion and prevents bacteria from growing. Geranium oil works on the skin and will also stimulate the sebaceous (oil) gland when applied to the scalp. This will help the hair’s natural oils distribute throughout the hair for more hydrated strands.

Learn more about what other floral aroma oils that are beneficial for your hair and skin @OurMANESociety.

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