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Stylishly Comfort with Fason De Viv in Old City

All images are captured by AJ James of RuggedlyGroomed; Hair by Stylist Ve

In a few weeks I’m preparing to speak at Rowan University as the opening plenary for their “Politics of Black Women’s Hair Symposium” presented by the Women’s Center in collaboration with the Africana Studies and Women’s & Gender studies program. To pull my look together for my first university engagement, I teamed up with fashion designer, stylist, and boutique owner of Fason De Viv Hanifah Samad. I can always appreciate black women who are making their stamp as entrepreneurs in our economy. To be honest, I would rather shop at local boutiques instead of corporate fashion brands like Zara or a Banana Republic because the selections are more unique with great quality as well. I came to Hanifah with a pair of black loafers and she pieced together an outfit that was minimally chic with a dash of bohemian flare and that’s just the way I like my style. Take a look!

DSC_00262 DSC_00222 DSC_00232 DSC_00412

The beautiful Hanifah helping me try on a neck piece. She is always full of peace and giggles so make sure to stop in to say hello!

DSC_00442 DSC_00472 Marisa Fason De Viv split photo

I like to think that I’m cut from a very different cloth because I value functional style (in other words being over the obsessive flashiness and face beat down to perfection kind of girl. I can’t knock that if it’s someone else’s level of style and comfort but most importantly I know my body and what looks great on myself as all of us learn along the way. I’m also perfectly alright with not wearing high heels all the time either because personally they suck and will never feel as great as a pair of flats or sneakers to me (just my personal thoughts). But all seriousness a side, I had a micro fracture in my right knee that required a small surgery when I was in high school so my joint gets inflamed most of the time which is my main reason for valuing comfort over stilettos. Overall, it’s best to wear what makes you feel stylish or sexy and Fason De Viv has a variety of styles for every woman.

Check out all of the latest styles at Fason De Viv:

228 Arch Street
Philadelphia, PA 19106

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  • Reply Chrissy March 15, 2016 at 8:00 am

    You know I’ve never thought of a stylist, I have no idea why I haven’t but I haven’t lol. I really need to scope out some plus size boutiques (If they exist). But I agree about boutiques over chain stores. You’ll never get the same level of service or even friendship with corporate fashion stores. You can form a bond with your favorite boutique. I suppose you could do this with a corporate fashion store too but that is going to be a very one sided relationship lol. Much luck with your speech!

  • Reply BTS “The Politics of Black Women’s Hair” @ Rowan University – March 27, 2016 at 10:02 pm

    […] this month I started to prepare for this big day with a styling session at Fason De Viv and last week that day was here! As the opening plenary for the “Politics of Black […]

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