[STYLE REPORT] H&M Picks from Divided

The color black lacks personality when looking at its relatives and all the range of colors to choose from in the color spectrum. When you think about it, black can come across as dreadful, unhappy, or invisible like a pit of darkness that leads to the unknown. Fast forward to present day we now consider black a color saint in the fashion world. It’s mod, it’s chic, it’s slimming and photographs well since it creates a crispness when captured. When outfit ideas don’t come out as planned turning to the color black makes everything ok in its time of need… or maybe even perfect!

I posted this image on my Instagram the other day and decided to add it to the blog as a cool fall trend reminder. If your blouse, dress, or sweater has fringes on it then your bohemian chic and ready to tackle the day in style.

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