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Andra Day Came To Philly

I’ve been following songstress, writer, and artist Andra Day since last year after I found out she was the voice behind the song “Rise Up” from the Dr. Dre Beats commercial I kept seeing featuring Serena Williams. I heard about the Cheers To The Fall tour dates through a newsletter update and saw Andra was hitting Philly during my birthday month of November. So I thought to myself “why not treat myself” to her performance at Union Transfer. Even though it was last minute I went a head and got my tickets ant way. I didn’t get any good images while I was there because I was too busy being swept away by all the melodies, instruments and lights but the show was nothing short of amazing! The sister duo Chloe X Halle, Beyonce’s newest Park Wood Entertainment artists, opened up the show with songs from their Sugar Symphony EP and had the crowd rocking with their eclectic style. Andra Day went all in on that stage with her soulful voice and her classic feminine style to match! I highly suggest seeing her live but check out her videos in the meantime until a tour date comes close to your home town!


What Not To Say To a Natural Girl #ThatsMyCurl

Dark and Lovely gets the drift and the hilariously real #ThatsMyCurl episode one, there are plenty of things we all can relate too what us curly girls go through in our lives. Watch the video and tell me what your favorite what not to say to a natural girl moment was. Who’s ready for episode 2!

Life & Times

I Turned 26 and It Has Me Thinking Like “Now What”?

The year of being 25 was filled with abrupt pauses, extreme highs, extreme lows, and lost a few people along the way (physically and emotionally). To say the least the month of November doesn’t really make me excited as it once had, however, through everything I can still say that I am blessed and need to show my gratitude even during the worst of times.

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Start The Morning Off With These

Do you feel like you may not always have the time for a fulfilling and hearty breakfast? These energy boosting breakfast toast will give you the perfect idea on how to brighten up your breakfast life via BuzzFeed.

Which toppings have you tried and topped your bread off with?

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Small Batch & Made with Love: Behind the Mi-Me Brand with Gilbert & Liz

All images courtesy of @ilovemime.

Just a few days ago I gave my review on the two Mi-Me Bath & Body products I absolutely loved (check it out here)! Now I want to shine some light on Gil and Liz to shine. The entrepreneur duo first connected in Memphis, Tennessee where they lived for about 8 years, but they’ve been friends for much longer than Gilbert can remember, and later found themselves back in their home state of Florida where all the handmade magic would begin. There is even a cool story on how the two decided on the name of their luxurious bath and body brand, along with a peek into their Haitian heritage and how it shapes the way Gil and Liz view beauty. Scroll down for the full chitchat!

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Orlando Getaway to Disney World

Images are taken by AJ James + myself.

The last time I had a vacation was was back in 2015 when I celebrated a friends birthday in Vegas so another getaway was well past its due date. This year I headed to Orlando, Florida to the magical Disney World for AJ’s birthday with his family and by the end of the week I was exhausted and came back to Philly with a sinus infection by the end of the 7 day trip but it was all well worth it.

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Simple Hair Styles for Once the Heat Hits

Each week the temperatures keep rising and it’s hard to believe we’re technically still in the spring season. Well, Mother Nature must have passed right on by Miss Spring because we’ve been experiencing nothing but her warm, bright, and sunny rays so soon! With the heat comes the responsibility staying cool so sweating is at its bare minimum, or keeping those active oil glands from releasing a veil of shine over your T-zones for those with oily skin, and blocking the humidity that makes natural hair expand, shrink, and recoil out of any style too quickly. If you’re crunched for time, or a budget, here are three hassle free styles you can try for longer lasting results when the sudden heat is trying to work against you!

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2016 Philly Natural Hair Show + Black Women & the Perception of Beauty in the Media

Last year was my first time attending and facilitating a workshop at the Philly Natural Show. My “Science of Natural Hair” workshop was a great success with at least 30 people in attendance. This year I wanted to try something more intimate that would encourage an open dialogue and when AJ hit me with an idea about how natural hair and beauty is perceived, I couldn’t pass up the idea. I ran with it and it later became the “Town Hall Forum: Black Women & the Perception of Beauty in the Media.” I wanted to have opinions from a hair care professional, in addition to myself, and someone who works in the media. I was glad to have Anika Lee Thompson, salon owner of Ryan Foster Inc. and founder of Texture diversity System, along with Naila of The Weave Whisperer on board. The women, plus one male, attendees had a great time discussing issues that are always not seen as being worth saving.

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Tasty Foods For A Happy Gut

It’s very easy to get our bodies off balance as women. It can be as simple as the weather changing, eating on the go when we really didn’t want to, or our bodies trying to replenish the nutrients lost after a menstrual cycle can all play a role. See what foods you can add to your meals for a healthy digestive system above.