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Recently I was tagged by a lovely blogger, Victoria of Tresses and Treats, during her Curl Confessions. Remember those chain letters people would text to your phone all the time a few years back? Well I think of the curl confessions the same way and I better not break the chain! I would hate for the natural hair boggie man to do something terrible to my hair while I’m asleep! To keep the cycle going all I have to do is confess 10 things I do, or have done, to my natural kinks that are against the ‘rules’ or considered taboo in the natural hair community and tag 5 bloggers. Here it goes…

1. When I first went natural I would stretch my hair styles beyond belief and would go an entire month and a half without detangling or cleansing my hair! (A side from not being familiar with my hair’s natural texture, it took some time adjusting to the natural hair life and didn’t want to fuss with my hair at all!)

2. I have thin edges from wearing tight braids in my younger years so if I’m wearing my hair up I’ll use brown mascara to give the illusion of a fuller hairline

3. My first “big chop’ didn’t happen until after I was already about two years natural. I was studying abroad in Delhi, India and I didn’t want to waste to much time styling my hair and just like that I cut it into a TWA (tiny winnie afro)

4. If I see a knot at the end of my hair I usually pull it off if I can’t find my shears

5. I never started to finger detangling my hair until 2014 of this year!

6. I went a whole year without trimming my hair and surprisingly the stylist said my ends “weren’t that bad”

7. A few times I have shampooed my hair and there was still residue/build up on my scalp but I would style my hair as

8. I didn’t use sulfate free shampoos during the beginning of my transition

9. I definitely over cleansed my hair A LOT in the past because the old wise tale says your hair should be ‘squeaky clean’..FALSE!

10. When I had a sew-in I tried to blend my hair with the extensions and damaged the heck out of my hair beyond repair from the heat. That happened on 2012 and I am still trying to grow it out!

Tag…You’re It!

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Share a few of your hair confessions below and keep the cycle going!

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