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Miles Table Sausage and Egg Brioche

This morning the Fashionable Joe and I had a taste for breakfast and headed to one of our favorite and most frequented spots: Miles Table. Located in South Philly’s Graduate Hospital neighborhood, the restaurant’s space is filled with white table tops and chairs with black and white family photos as wall decor. The cozy environment is great for meetings, quick family lunches, as well as dinners with a byob option. Using fresh local farm ingredients, Miles Table has a variety of menu entrees including all day breakfast, flavorful lunch specials, 1/2 off burger Wednesdays and make your own pasta bowl Fridays.

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This time I around I tried the sriracha sausage and egg brioche for my late breakfast fix. The sriracha turkey sausage, fried eggs, arugula and blue cheese on a brioche bread were new flavors to me that I greatly enjoyed. The egg’s yolk gently burst as I cut my hefty sandwich in half which was a clear indicator of it being cooked to sunny side perfection. The bitter green arugula sprouts balanced out with the blue cheese crumbs and the house made maple sriarcha was filled with spicy flavors with a kick. There was a bit to much blue cheese on the brioche for my liking so I would request a light layer of it when ordering it next time. With the fresh food, quick preparation time, and inexpensive prices, there’s no wonder why it’s where the neighborhood eats!

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