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I Turned 26 and It Has Me Thinking Like “Now What”?

The year of being 25 was filled with abrupt pauses, extreme highs, extreme lows, and lost a few people along the way (physically and emotionally). To say the least the month of November doesn’t really make me excited as it once had, however, through everything I can still say that I am blessed and need to show my gratitude even during the worst of times.

I’m sure you’ve noticed by now how inactive OrganixLocs has been and I owe everyone a HUGE apology for falling off the cliff the way that I did. There are plenty of times, where I’m sure you can relate, to going off the radar while being overwhelmed, or slightly pulling out your hair behind the scene, from what life brings your way. There are a lot of things I’m learning about myself day-by-day and stepping back in silence to learn how to be truthful with myself is not as simple for me as it may be for others.

For starters, I don’t believe I am meant to be a big name blogger as I once thought. Do I enjoy writing and sharing with others? Yes. I’m all right with being Marisa with an intimate platform about natural hair, the beauty surrounding it, and the lifestyle it encompasses. No I may not post an article everyday but I want to continue sharing what’s on my heart to anyone who would like to listen. In addition, I’ll be sure to share my newest work with you as I recently started writing for OurManeSociety and Myavana’s blog entity Sisters of The Strand.

In the meantime, I need to focus on my studies as I work on completing my certification to become a cosmetology educator (that needs much attention) and to strengthen my skills as a natural hair stylist. So watch out y’all I may need a model soon 😉

SSOOOooo now that I’m 26 what happens now?

Life keeps going and I’ll learn just how strong and resilient I am. It’s my job to learn from my past mistakes, to also be patient with myself and to reflect on how far I have come when the time presents itself.

It’s all about discovering who I am each day.

How often do you like to sit and self reflect? What have you learned so far about yourself within this year? 

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