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Eat Your Way To Sun Protection with Expert Tips from Dr. Macrene

I am all in support of protecting the skin from the sun. I probably talk a lot about this topic only because I understand how much you’re being exposed to the sun is a factor that determines the condition of your skin. Believe it or not, being out in the open sun can lead to premature aging, an uneven skin tone, or even cancer if you’re not too careful! As for me, I can get burned by the sun easily and have horrible and painful memories as a child on family vacations because of it! Due to my complexion being on the fair side, genetically my body produces melanin slower as a posed to someone with darker skin who produces melanin at a faster rate, which is the result of having more pigment in the skin.

In the summer I play no games and will whip out the sun screen in a minute if I know I’ll be out in the hot sun all day, but there are other ways to achieve skin protection from eating foods with the nutrients that have these properties. Who would have knew that drinking green tea or eating more tomatoes, pomegranates, salmon, and dark chocolate would be so helpful. Dr. Macrene shares what make these foods special and how to use them.

Do you eat some of these foods on a regular? How likely are you to eat more of these items because of the skin protecting benefits?


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