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Deep Conditioning At Its Best


The Mane Objective dropped some knowledge about how to effectively deep condition natural hair and I totally agree with the 3 T’s . How much time, at what temperature, and the type of conditioner used will all determine how effective the results will be. Mane Objective also broke down the three types of conditioners as moisture, protein, and balancing. Here are a few tips on what you should look for with each type of conditioner:

  • Mega Moisture: Look for oils, butters, and humectants (glycerin, panthenol, honey, agave, propylene glycol) in the first 5-7 ingredients after water. These ingredients will soften and moisturize the hair, along with the fatty alcohols.
  • Protein Power: If your hair is weak or limp from damage or abuse, a dose of hydrolyzed proteins will whip your hair right into shape. Within the top 10 ingredients (because protein formulations and strengths can vary wildly), check for hydrolyzed proteins (such as vegetable, quinoa, soy, rice, and keratin), and a personal favorite of mine, keravis (aka Hydrolyzed Vegetable Protein PG-Propyl Silanetriol) to give your hair a strengthening boost.
  • The Balancing Act: If you’re looking for elasticity, moisture-protein balance, and pH balancing, your conditioner will likely have a top 10 blend of moisture and protein properties like the ones listed above. In addition, they will also likely contain omega and ceramide rich oils like avocado, wheat germ, sunflower, safflower, flax seed, and hemp. You can also count on a dose of amino acids (like glycine, alanine, proline, arganine, lycine, and glutamic acid). These aminos tend to be toward the bottom of the ingredient list — and I need to do more research about why. It could be formulation-based, or just pixie dust. I’ll report back and update here when I get a more scientifically solid answer.

Alternating between a moisture, protein, and balancing conditioner will keep the hair in great shape as it will offer the hair everything that it needs. With protein treatments you should limit to once a month (because overloading the hair with protein can damage it further) but the moisture and balancing conditioners can be done weekly or bi weekly.

Which deep conditioners do you use for your natural hair?

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