Can A Beauty Ad Do This?

I don’t come across to many unique ads that are beauty related which is why this one was worth the exposure. I graduated with a B.A. in Advertising from Penn State and although I don’t work in the ad industry I always find myself cross examining commercials to uncover the “big idea”  behind it all. While watching the new season of Scandal I scrolled through my Twitter feed and clicked on a link from AdAge about a haircare poster reacting to the movement of the subway train. Like a nerd I went to watch the video in awe and had the nerve to forward the link to two other people.

In Stockholm, Sweden an advertising agency used ultra sonic sensors to make a digital poster come to life for the hair care brand Apotek Hjartat. Each time a train passed the poster in the subway the model’s hair would fly around as if it was in the wind. You can see the people and their reactions in the video and believe me I would have been just as surprised too! I never seen anything like this representing a hair care product and it’s actually a really great way to showcase a product giving your hair LIFE. I would have to say its genius indeed and I want to give a thumbs up to the agency who brought this idea to life. Don’t forget to watch the video above, share it, or post a comment about it to let me know how you feel.

Have you ever seen a digital poster for a hair care product like this? What would be your reaction if you were to see this poster? Do you think you would be able to find a beauty ad like that in the U.S.?

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