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Black Lives Matter and This is How You Can Help

As Black people we are experiencing so much grief, anguish, anxiety, and hopelessness amongst other emotions that we don’t even have the words to describe how we feel. The earth is weeping from the blood shed of our people. ‘Enough is ENOUGH ‘is no longer just a phrase but has evoked a global shift to further dismantle the systematic racist ideologies that plague the very soil of America. Here is what you and I can do to help

Sign multiple petitions to seek justice for the Black lives taken from us. Make a donate to national organizations, such as bail out funds or more, to fund the cause. Learn from other black voices to become aware and transform your own biases. Support the Black economy by patronizing black businesses every chance you get.

Many of these resources listed above can be found here

Need to check in with a mental health specialists but don’t know where to begin. This list of resources can be a great start

If you came across other resources please share with me below.

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