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6 Ingredients To Look Out For When Purchasing Sunscreens

Our skin is the largest organ and protects us from many elements like bacteria, the cold, the blazing sun, and so many other environmental factors. The official day of summer (June 21st) hasn’t arrived yet but this doesn’t stop the sun from doing it’s job way before that day comes. While sun exposure can be good for us physically (from the vitamin D it gives off) and psychologically (to set our body’s internal clock or what is known as the circadian rhythm) but to much sun can also be harmful as we all know. It’s important too invest in a sunscreen each summer since exposure to the sun is more consistent during this month but our faces should be protected all year round to ward off wrinkles and the break down of collagen. Here is a list of ingredients you want to stear clear of when selecting a sunscreen for yourself or the family thanks to the Campaign For Safe Cosmetics coalition which is housed by the Breast Cancer Fund. A quick look at the ingredients list on the back of your sunscreen before purchasing will go a long way to keep you, your skin, and health safe.

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