18 Habits To Make A Better ‘You’

If you feel like you could do a little more to keep your mind clear and yourself happier, this article from BUSTLE offers simple suggestions on how to do so. You actually can’t get no more concise than this:

“The reality is that what you are doing today, in this moment, in the next hour, tomorrow morning… that is your life. This is it. The day-to-day of your existence is what it is, and you have to make a conscious choice to enjoy it in the moment, rather than waiting for what’s to come without doing anything to get there first. So here are 18 little ways to adjust yourself to make the most of those minutes and hours; all the ways you don’t realize you’re unintentionally self-sabotaging, and all the little ways you can make things that much easier for yourself.”


Savor Your Coffee In The Morning (Or Tea For That Matter)

Read something that isn’t your email or Twitter feed. Sitting and sipping for just 10 minutes in the morning will change the entire tone of your day.

Keep A Journal With You At All Times

You don’t need to storybook your life cohesively, but you should write down quotes, lyrics, thoughts that strike you. You’ll end up with a collection of ideas that say more about you than you would have consciously realized, and you’ll be able to reflect on your personal mental, emotional evolution.

Keep Your Phone Out Of The Bedroom

Buy an old fashioned alarm clock and put your phone on the kitchen counter to charge. It’s easier to fall asleep, it’s sexier when you have someone over, and it’s healthier to remind yourself it is not, in fact, your life sustaining force.

Keep A Gratitude Journal

Write down the three things that brought you the most satisfaction, and the three things that brought you the most stress. Over time, you will be able to see the patterns and adjust accordingly.

Practice Minimalism, Not Just In What You Keep, But In What You Consume

If you’re wondering where all your extra money is going and how you keep ending up with this extra, random crap around your apartment, little, mindless, daily purchases are usually the culprit. Be mindful of what you bring into your home each day.

Clean As You Dirty

Do your laundry at the same time on the same day each week. Clean the dishes as soon as you’re done eating. It’s not always the most glamorous or desirable practice, but it prevents the once-a-week my-place-is-an-absolute-wreck freak out.

Pay With Cash

Take out how much you intend to spend at the beginning of the month or two-week pay cycle and keep your credit cards at home. Not only will you actually, physically stop yourself from over-spending, but you’ll become more and more conscious of how each and every $20 slips away once it’s physically out of your hands.


Cook Meals One Day A Week And Then Freeze Them

It probably close to impossible to manage a full-time job, families, commitments, a full night’s sleep and a home-cooked meal and clean kitchen every night, so take the stress out by cooking on Sunday, cleaning up all the dishes afterwards, and freezing/storing your dinners and lunches for the week.

If these 8 habits gives you a jult of energy for change, read the full article for the other 10 amazing take aways.

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