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Tasty Foods For A Happy Gut

It’s very easy to get our bodies off balance as women. It can be as simple as the weather changing, eating on the go when we really didn’t want to, or our bodies trying to replenish the nutrients lost after a menstrual cycle can all play a role. See what foods you can add to your meals for a healthy digestive system above.

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Post Mother’s Day Inspiration: Cheerios #HealthyHeart Mommy-Daughter Duo

The national holiday might be over but spending moments with our mother’s happen on a daily basis because they are always there to witness or help us through the good, the bad, and the ugly. If your due for a good “awwww” moment this Cheerios #HealthyHeart commercial will have you reminiscing over dance parties and silly moments with Mom from back in the day. This may even inspire you to bust out the old home videos your Mom hates to admit she secretly keeps stashed in the closet or somewhere random! What I found more adorable is remembering when I first spotted the little dancer, Heaven, and her Mom Tianne King on the Ellen DeGeneres show a few years back and she had so much life then dancing to Beyonce’s End of Time song and she’s grown so much bigger now; you go girl!

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Spring Trends + #LoveMyColor Chat with Claire Sulmers of Fashion Bomb Daily

Dark and Lovely is a brand known for being at the fore front of hair care for African American women for over 40 years. From keeping up with global trends while transforming the lives of others along the way, Dark and Lovely has done it again with the launch of their #LoveMyColor campaign to celebrate its Fade Resist Rich Conditioning Color while creating a platform for women to “not only embrace their beauty, but to highlight their colorful personalities, which make them who they are” (Dark and Lovely, 2016). Claire Sulmers, founder and Editor-In-Chief of Fashion Bomb Daily, is the #LoveMyColor ambassador and is the perfect person to get this interactive project on everyone’s radar. I’m ready to see what spring trends Claire has to share this year!

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NEW Fade Resist Hair Color + Tips from Dark and Lovely’s Style Squad Hairstylist Mandrill Hardge

Out with the old and in comes the new when spring flowers are in the clear to blossom (well not quite yet when looking at this yo-yo kind of weather but you know what I’m hinting at). What better way to try something new then by adding fresh new color to your hair because curly girls are always looking to live on the wild side too! Whether it’s a subtle warm red tone, an eye catching blonde, or a sophisticated pastel, naturally curly hair is a great canvas to showcase a variety of colors on despite what others may think.

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BTS of “The Politics of Black Women’s Hair” @ Rowan University

All images & video is captured by AJ James of RuggedlyGroomed

Earlier this month I started to prepare for this big day with a styling session at Fason De Viv and last week that day was here! As the opening plenary for the “Politics of Black Women’s Hair” symposium at Rowan University, which was in honor of Women’s History Month, the event was an overall success; I can really see it growing into something even more amazing each time. There was full agenda of activities throughout the day like a hair care panel with two local New Jersey stylist, a panel moderated by myself that featured a variety of students along with their natural hair journey, and the closing keynote was given by Dr. Tiffany Gill who is an associate professor in the Department of Black American Studies and the Department of History at the University of Delaware. She is also the author of Beauty Shop Politics: African American Women’s Activism in the Beauty Industry (let’s make sure we all go support Dr. Gill via Amazon as well).   

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Stylishly Comfort with Fason De Viv in Old City

All images are captured by AJ James of RuggedlyGroomed; Hair by Stylist Ve

In a few weeks I’m preparing to speak at Rowan University as the opening plenary for their “Politics of Black Women’s Hair Symposium” presented by the Women’s Center in collaboration with the Africana Studies and Women’s & Gender studies program. To pull my look together for my first university engagement, I teamed up with fashion designer, stylist, and boutique owner of Fason De Viv Hanifah Samad. I can always appreciate black women who are making their stamp as entrepreneurs in our economy. To be honest, I would rather shop at local boutiques instead of corporate fashion brands like Zara or a Banana Republic because the selections are more unique with great quality as well. I came to Hanifah with a pair of black loafers and she pieced together an outfit that was minimally chic with a dash of bohemian flare and that’s just the way I like my style. Take a look!

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A Historic Launch of Hair Care Products Inspired By The Legendary Madam C. J. Walker

To anyone who is a professional stylist, artist or beauty enthusiasts Madam C. J. Walker is someone we admire and I’m sure the average Black person also learned about her successful beauty empire during those times when black history reports in grade school was everything. Now as I’ve taken more pride in my craft as a cosmetologist who enjoys to educate others about hair care, Madam Walker stirs up even more inspiration and an entrepreneurial spirit within me as I’ve been learning more about her (if you haven’t read her autobiography, On Her Own Ground, written by Madam Walker’s great great granddaughter A’Lelia Bundles totally invest in a copy!) and how she overcame adversity while beating the odds during her era. Not only was she born of parents and siblings who were slaves, Madam Walker was a self made billionaire, a hair care and beauty pioneer, and philanthropist but her legacy continues to live on in an innovative and creative way today!

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