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Spring Sandal Steals at Forever21

Now that Philly has been revamping its shopping district in Center City, I can hit up Forever21 without trekking all the way to my closest mall, Philadelphia Mills Mall (formally known as Franklin Mills) which isn’t far but still out of the way, for my inexpensive sandal steals. I enjoy having a variety of sandals and I

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HelloBeautiful TV Presents: Women On Top

This video is an awesome must see! I can absolutely say that it was meant for me to watch and share it with all of you because of the empowering component it possessed (so empowering that I could feel the lump in my throat building up as I watched it) and it’s also a perfect time to reflect on other women during March as it is Women’s History Month. I throughly enjoyed HelloBeautiful‘s Women On Top “film featuring Soledad O’Brien, Anika Noni Rose, Eve, Chrisette Michele, Jurnee Smollett, Tia Mowry, Lisa Leslie, Jody Watley, Omarosa Manigualt discuss power, femininity, influence, sexuality and motherhood.”-Youtube

Sit back and listen to the experiences from our women and share the connection with others by using hashtag #WOT!


Transitioning Your Winter Style Into Spring

It hasn’t stopped snowing quite yet (well for those of us in Philadelphia it surely hasn’t) but it’s time to begin that leap into spring when the season does decide to show up. You can switch out a few items in place of others or layer garments to keep the chill off your back on cooler days. It’s simple….

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Unwash Explains The Theory of a Cleansing Conditioner

Unwash is a line of cleansing hair products that is here to make you rethink the way you wash your hair. Their products are gluten-free (perfect for those with allergies), 100% organic, and other hair friendly ingredients. Take a look at the graphic below to learn more.


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Zendaya Checks Giuliana Rancic About Comment Referring to Her Oscars Hairstyle

Thank you to Pinterest for bringing this news to my attention via Refinery29.com and all natural hair bloggers/enthusiasts should bring awareness to yet another account of an ignorant stereotypical comment being said. The youthful actress and singer, Zendaya, attended to the 2015 Oscars in a Vivienne Westwood dress, and Chopard jewelry, with her head adorned with this year’s hottest protective style trend: faux locs! She looks stunning in this look and I have to say its the first time I’ve seen faux locs debut on a red carpet thanks to Zendaya! However, Fashion Police host, Giuliana Rancic, thought other wise and it was apparent through her disrespectful comment inferring that the star “smells like patchouli oil. Or, weed” because of her hair style of choice. Really Giuliana Rancic?

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Product Review: COCO | CONSCIOUS StraighTransformations Shampoo + Conditioner

Last month I posted an interview with the Coco | Conscious founder, Megan Johnson, and I’m back with the anticipated review. I thoroughly enjoyed the Coco | Conscious StraighTransformations Purifying Gentle Cleanser and Smoothing Deep Treatment, as this was my second time using a smoothing product, and I immediately saw results that’s helped to manage my hair’s fizziness and shine. Unlike my first experience with a smoothing/manageability product (I tried Beautiful Textures in the past and wasn’t crazy about the smell of the products or the way my hair felt afterwards) and Coco | Conscious was a great alternative to what I was expecting from a more natural smoothing product. It’s absent from many chemicals as the StraighTransformations collection is 97% natural (talk about quality ingredients with benefits right!).

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QVC Host Deletes Twitter Apology About Curly Haired Model Comment

What’s up with these overt discriminatory jabs at women who choose to wear their natural crown of curls? An insta video came through on my feed the other night (Jan 26th) via vlogger Taren Guy that revealed a pretty absurd and disheartening comment on the television shopping network QVC. The two Caucasian hosts were advertising a handbag which was being modeled by a woman with curly hair, who soon became the underlying chuckle for their discriminatory joke in seconds.

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Empowering Young Girls with Dove’s Love Your Curls Campaign

“Only 4 out of 10 curly haired girls think their hair is beautiful”

The beauty and skin care brand Dove never seize to amaze me when it comes to their beauty campaigns and the Love Your Curls may have hit home for a lot of women. The commercial begins with a statistic stating how ‘Only 4 out of 10 curly haired girls think their hair is beautiful.’ As women of color who struggle with a variety of image or self love conflicts, we know this to be an alarming fact (even thought it may seem like this would be a much larger ratio) as African American women have been ridiculed from the hair on their heads down to our innate curvy figure until this day. What I love even more is how Dove was able to capture the diversity of such a self-esteem issue ranging in age (from 6-11 years old) and ethnic backgrounds as you can see girls of all shades: Black, White, Latina and more likely bi-racial. These little girls talk about how they wish they could have straighter hair instead of their curls because its smoother and prettier when straight. Sounds familiar right? This is not only a issue for our Black and Latina children but of all races and even Caucasian girls (believe or not!). Having naturally curly hair is not only a ‘black’ thing which also means this issue is much larger than the box we have been assigning it to. It’s important to know that girls at a young age absorb what’s within their surroundings so if we as women don’t feel confident about our image, especially in its natural beauty, and love ourselves then how can we teach our daughters, nieces, cousins, and those we care about to do just that? We can’t because the overall change of how one views their self starts with YOU!

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Coco | Conscious Collective Brings Product Transparency and Credibility to Hair Care

When we say careful crafted we mean it, you know, and we really gone the distance to make sure that we are not only meeting the NPA standards but we’re exceeding them with our suppliers and supplier relationships all the way down to supply chain if you will. -Megan Johnson

One thing I love about blogging is that brands trust me to provide some insight about their products. I also try to focus on products with natural, botanical, or organic ingredients (hence the reasoning for the name on my blog ;). I am not saying that you necessarily need ALL natural products to grow healthy hair, however, I like to give my hair, body and skin optimum results and it just seems to be my personal preference. In addition, I am a huge supporter of small businesses and I feel even more empowered when a woman is behind creating the brand which is how I met the Founder/CEO of Pure Alchemy Products Megan Johnson. Coco | Conscious Collective is a natural plan based hair care line is based out of Dallas, Texas and focuses on the integrity of hair care simply due to the ingredients used in all the products (that’s my favorite part about them!). Let’s hear more from the Coco | Conscious Collective founder herself, Megan Johnson, about what inspired the concept and what sets her hair care brand a part from others. Shall we begin…

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Happy New Year + My 2015 Hair Resolution!

Welcome to 2015 and I am glad to have you all rolling with the blog from last year up until now! January 1st is known for its optimistic time of setting resolutions or goals. As a natural hair blogger there were a few things I fell short with when it came to my hair care routine and this is the perfect time to reflect and reassess so here are my 2015 Hair Goals:

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