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Come and support the CROWN Act on Tuesday, October 13th. This 3 part virtual experience will be hosted by Personal Wardrobe Stylist Reagan Campbell from C Suite Styling and myself. At 6PM we will start off with a networking event where you can connect with CROWN Act supporters around the world! After the networking event we will break up into 2 separate workshops. One will focus on the types of discriminations minorities are likely to encounter while working in corporate America. The second workshop will focus on partnering self-expression within your brand story. Participants will be able to learn more about the speakers and choose which workshop they would like to attend during the ticket check out process. We will then wrap up the entire event with a virtual fashion show featuring local Philadelphia/New Jersey businesses. Both Reagan and I will showcase our styling skills in order to help naturals learn how to confidently accentuate their CROWN in the office.  

Purchase your EARLY BIRD ticket today

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What Can You Do To Protect Your Skin?

Redness, itchiness, blotchy dark marks are all of the least favorite things you want to associate with your skin. The skin can be super sensitive to certain elements, which is why breakouts can occur, irritation, or a number of other issues. However, there are ways you can protect the skin to ensure it stays healthy, pliable, and smooth. Here a few things to think about, or you can incorporate into your routine today.

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LISTEN UP: Final Part of The CROWN Act Series

The final webinar conversation is here with U.S. Congressman Dwight Evans. I wasn’t able to join the discussion for this amazing close out but Reagan held it down for the team beautifully.

You can catch Congressman Evans on: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Website if you’d like to reach the Congressman.

Learn more about what you can do to make sure this act is passed in your state next! Check out and SIGN the petition to support while your at it!

Take a listen and let us know why you believe this act is important to you.


Don’t be an Eye Sore: Protect + Care for Your Vision

Rocking my cat eye sun glasses from Black owned lifestyle brand Fason De Viv

Your senses are an essential part of you. They provide your brain with all of the information that you need from the world around you. They help you to make sense of your environment and keep you from danger. 

Every day your eyes, ears, taste buds, nose, and skin will take in tens of thousands of pieces of information and send countless signals to your brain. You won’t even notice them doing this much of the time, they do it so seamlessly well. Together your five senses work together to help you appreciate and identify people, places, food, weather, and so much more. Through your eyesight, you can enjoy looking at artwork or watching movies. With society relying heavily on technology for everyday use and convenience, the eyes can take a harsh beating when staring at bright screens about 80 percent of the time.  

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Registration Now Open for Part #3

IT’S HERE! Our 3rd and final PushingForward: Natural Hair & The CROWN Act webinar. We have U.S. Congressman Dwight Evans gracing us with his wisdom and presence. Congressman Evans represents Pennsylvania’s 3rd Congressional District, which includes Northwest and West Philadelphia and parts of North, South and Center City Philadelphia. He is a longtime resident of the West Oak Lane neighborhood, he is a graduate of Germantown High School, the Community College of Philadelphia and LaSalle University.

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Black Lives Matter and This is How You Can Help

As Black people we are experiencing so much grief, anguish, anxiety, and hopelessness amongst other emotions that we don’t even have the words to describe how we feel. The earth is weeping from the blood shed of our people. ‘Enough is ENOUGH ‘is no longer just a phrase but has evoked a global shift to further dismantle the systematic racist ideologies that plague the very soil of America. Here is what you and I can do to help

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Stay Up On It: 41 Black Owned-Beauty Brands to Support

“While it’s top of mind now more than ever, let’s just get one thing straight: Every day is an opportunity to celebrate Black culture. Black innovators, artists, business people, and regular folk alike have all contributed so much to our society, locally and worldwide. We see the global influence of Black culture in so many different mediums, including beauty.”

Get the full list of these dynamic 41 Black Owned brands to Support via Allure

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Claim Your Spot for Part #2!

PushingForward: Natural Hair & The CROWN Act webinar is back for a second session! Myself + business stylist Reagan Campbell of @CSuiteStyling are excited to have HR professional Andrea L. Grandville, MBA. She’ll discuss how to utilize resources we may not have realized are available to us when faced with an incident of hair discrimination within the office or academic settings.  

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5 Cute Hair Styles for Short Natural Hair

As if the struggle wasn’t real enough during a time like this, adding hair styling woes can take emotions to the next level. Instead of becoming frustrated, embrace the moment and grab hair inspiration via virtual beauty coach, Tressenoire to keep your spirits high and short hair fleeky!