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Drink Your Way to Healthier Skin with The Hydrate Challenge

Join my girl, health coach + success stylist Jennifer Dent, for the Hydrate Challenge that starts today! You can easily sign up to join the healthy cause here and I also dare you to tag team with a friend for some friendly competition. A well hydrated body is essential for glowing skin, aid in weight loss, and helps with constipation.

I have no idea what to expect at this point but I signed up for the challenge too. Especially since I have NOT been drinking enough water like I used to do. So I’ll see you at the finish line at the end of the week…

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The New Age Barbies Have A New Bod

All images are captured by Kenji Aoki

Growing up as a little girl I remember playing with dolls here and there but it was never my preferred choice in a toy. There are many of us women who can reminisce on how engrossed, or even obsessed, you were as a child with Barbie dolls even when many girls couldn’t relate to the blonde haired blue eyed women with unrealistic body portions. Despite Barbie’s flaws and all the different controversies following her image throughout the years, she still remained the world’s best selling doll. Now the 57 year old Mattell creation has finally caught up with the times by changing the doll’s body type by offering petite, tall and curvy Barbie that are now available on

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New Brand Release: Elevate Your Regime With Elevynn

I started following a cool haircare brand on Instagram a while back and since their products hadn’t launched yet I made sure to stay tuned until they did. Now Elevynn is serving “Natural-luxe products that put your health and wallet first” by retailing its products online ONLY to cut out the middleman which normally mark up the prices for people like us with the purchasing power. A side from Elevynn’s product transparency where you can view its Ingredient Library and a list of Ingredients To Avoid, this New York based company is all for uplifting its community through inspiring stories from featured influencers on ELEVATIONS, as well as a portion of its proceeds going to Harlem RBI, which is a non-profit organization and youth development program based in East Harlem.

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How You Too Can Learn The Hottest Protective Style: Goddess Faux Locs

Dr. Kari Williams is a Trichologist and founder of Mahogany Hair Revolution & Trichology Clinic in California. You may also know her form styling a long list of list celebrities like Brandy, Chrisette Michelle, and the lovely Megan Good! Dr. Williams has created a new technique that resembles an authentic loc with human hair known as the Goddess Faux Locs. The best part about this news is that anyone can learn the technique from her training video by purchasing the course for $40 and the secrets used to create this look. There is also an option to purchase the Goddess Faux Loc Collection to get you started with the right tools.


As Dr. Williams mentioned:

I am so excited that I can share my gift with the world in this way so that other women can recreate the looks that I have designed. I would love to see the style you create with your Goddess Faux Loc Kit so be sure to send me your best shot by using the #IAmAGoddess hashtag on Instagram.

Always remember to love your hair and love yourself. You are a goddess!

Are you excited to learn or re-create a protective style as cool as the Goddess Faux Locs because I am! Who is ready to sport this style like now?


3 TurtleNeck Styles to Find At Madewell

There is something about a turtleneck shirt that screams timeless style! This winter I’ve been on the hunt to add a few essential tops to my closet and of course when I look for something specific I can’t find it…Ughh! Then I found a few different styles at Madewell which also happen to be on sale. The top above is the Contour Turtleneck Layering Vest and now costs $49.99. The wool sweater vest can be worn alone with a statement jacket, layered with a tunic underneath to play on varying lengths and silhouettes or with a long sleeved shirt. The heather grey, heather saddle, and true black hues make it hard to resist purchasing all three sweaters don’t you think?

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Acne Prone Skincare: Sebamed Clear Face Product Review

Disclaimer: From time to time I am given products in exchange for a review. Although products and items are gifted to me by brands/companies, this does not have any affect on my judgment or the OrganixLocs brand. Therefore all written content is my opinion and voice only.  All images are captured by AJ James of RuggedlyGroomed.  

Most of you know that natural hair is my specialty but I also care a great deal about healthy skin as well. As someone who suffers from acne and very oily skin, I am very particular about the products I bring home. I was already familiar with Sebamed from the past after searching for a certain product that I found at a CVS almost a year ago. After chatting with Sebamed’s VP Of Marketing and Sales, Vu Dang, he mentioned how “The Clear Face line with the foam cleanser, the toner, and the Care Gel– and the Spot Gel– is probably one of our most popular items right now. It combats oily skin in general. Its fantastic [and] I use it everyday.”

The secret to Sebamed is in its formulation. Dang explains it as:

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I was prepping for my meeting with @hippieatheart_ later this evening. I'm excited to get some things moving with #OrganixLocs but @imruggedlygroomed always catching me in the moment! #blogger #sharingKnowledge #sharingWealth

Thanks For Being Patient While I Was Away

If you’d happen to try and browse the blog earlier this week and was wondering why the link was showing an error message, it’s because I was having a server issue that I was working with Go Daddy to have fixed. Luckily everything is back to normal, thanks to the server technician Fernando, and I’m glad that an issue like this, which had OrganixLocs down and out for almost 4 days, happened at the height of the year as a posed to smack dab in the middle of a busy month.

A few changes to the site will be following soon so in the meantime enjoy the content and drop a comment for any feedback or ideas and continue planning great things for this year!


End of Year Overview

Time always has a habit of slipping away from us throughout out the year but it has been an eventful journey for me and I’m sure it has been for you as well! I wanted to share with you a mini overview of what OrganixLocs and I have experienced in 2015 because I enjoy sharing great news with you:

  1. November 16th marked one year of being engaged to my hubby, bestie, and men’s grooming & lifestyle blogger Anthony James! I am blessed to have found my soul mate and I look forward to building our futures together!

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Achieve Winter Dewy Skin with 10 Simple Tricks

Keeping the skin hydrated may not be an issue from many women but the circumstances tend to change once we hit the winter season. Random dry patches of skin start popping up out of nowhere on our face and body, or your skin may feel tighter than normal because the air is sucking the living hydration from your face. Usually around this time a lot of us may switch up our hair and skin care products because the beauty routine we used from the summer just won’t cut it during the dryer winter months. StyleCaster offers 10 ways we all can get that nice, healthy, and glowing skin because “it not only looks feminine and natural, but plump hydrated skin is a marked sign of youth—something we all want […]. Of course, mastering these tricks requires a solid foundation, which means you shouldn’t skimp on exfoliating, moisturizing, and drinking (a reasonable) amount of water.” Take a look below and see what beauty tricks you can incorporate into your winter skincare routine today!

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