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Hair 101

Hair 101: Securing The Cuticle with Aloe Vera

Here is a quick and useful hair tip that will keep your hair smooth and shiny all summer. The substance inside the Aloe Vera plant has the same pH as your hair (around a 4.5 pH) which is perfect for closing the hair’s cuticle– the very outer layer of the hair that allows moisture and products to be absorbed into the hair shaft. When the hair’s cuticle is closed and lays flat and secure, the hair appears shiny from the light that is reflected from the sun and off of the hair but also offers the ultimate smoothness for easy manipulation, styling, and detangling.

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Made of Africa: KISUA Creates Clothing With a Purpose

If you’re looking for new exotic or timeless pieces to add to your closet for the summer and fall then I want to introduce you to a women’s clothing brand serving a global purpose that utilizes exquisite craftsmanship.


“KISUA is a unique African fashion brand that showcases our continent’s brightest design talent to the world. We create exclusive capsule collections in collaboration African designers. KISUA is the only African fashion company with distribution centers on three continents – Africa, America and Europe; from where we service a global customer base.” –KISUA

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Hair 101

Our Curls Being Understood

Instead of reiterating the texture typing guide (which I am glad they took a different approach so thank you!), I love how Curls Understood took the time to categorize and explain each group of hair texture. Not to mention the illustrations are so beautiful! I am for sure a part of the Kinky club but which group can you and your curls relate too?



Ava DuVernay Does It Again: Hired By Marvel to Direct Black Panther Movie

The break out news in the film & comic industry is that Ava DuVernay, the director of Selma and the first Black woman to win Sundance 2012 Best Director prize for ‘Middle Of Nowhere’, has been hired by Marvel Studios to direct the upcoming film Black Panther. The hubby had to put me on this alert because comic films and Marvel productions is something he looks forward to viewing so he filled me in. A side from being a natural with beautiful locs, she has made such an impact for women within the film artistry through her story telling. She is always making waves and will be “the first non-white, non-male director to see a Marvel film at its completion” (Vanity Fair, 2015).

Its been said that DuVernay’s new position was announced pretty early in the game (but I’m not complaining at all. Girl Go Head!) since Black Panther’s release date is July 6, 2018. However, it was crucial that Marvel did so because they needed “her on the set of Captain America: Civil War, which will feature the first appearance of both Black Panther and his home country of Wakanda” (MCU Exchange, 2015). I don’t know much about the Black Panther character but I look forward to learning more of who he is and I can’t wait until I get to experience Ava’s work once again. Save the date in advance so you can be excited about supporting our naturalista too!

Dr. Maerene Tips
Beauty & Hair

Eat Your Way To Sun Protection with Expert Tips from Dr. Macrene

I am all in support of protecting the skin from the sun. I probably talk a lot about this topic only because I understand how much you’re being exposed to the sun is a factor that determines the condition of your skin. Believe it or not, being out in the open sun can lead to premature aging, an uneven skin tone, or even cancer if you’re not too careful! As for me, I can get burned by the sun easily and have horrible and painful memories as a child on family vacations because of it! Due to my complexion being on the fair side, genetically my body produces melanin slower as a posed to someone with darker skin who produces melanin at a faster rate, which is the result of having more pigment in the skin.

In the summer I play no games and will whip out the sun screen in a minute if I know I’ll be out in the hot sun all day, but there are other ways to achieve skin protection from eating foods with the nutrients that have these properties. Who would have knew that drinking green tea or eating more tomatoes, pomegranates, salmon, and dark chocolate would be so helpful. Dr. Macrene shares what make these foods special and how to use them.

Do you eat some of these foods on a regular? How likely are you to eat more of these items because of the skin protecting benefits?



My First RocksBox: House of Harlow 1960 Earrings

Disclaimer: From time to time I am given products in exchange for a review. Although products and items are gifted to me by brands/companies, this does not have any affect on my judgment or the OrganixLocs brand. Therefore all written content is my opinion and voice only.

I am now an It Girl for the newest and hottest unlimited designer jewelry subscription which I believe is pure genius! Lately I haven’t had the time to actually hit the mall or my favorite clothing stores to pick out some jewelry for the summer so I’ve just been procrastinating and writing it off to do another day. Until I was introduced to RocksBox I was amazed with the convenience of having jewelry sent to my home. But wait there is more! Not only are the jewelry selections customized and sent to you by your personal stylist– thank you Kathy N. for sending me everything that fits my style in my first box!– but…

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Fortify Your Hair’s Strength with Fountain Beauty’s Hair Molecule

Disclaimer: From time to time I am given products in exchange for a review. Although products and items are gifted to me by brands/companies, this does not have any affect on my judgment or the OrganixLocs brand. Therefore all written content is my opinion and voice only. In addition, please consult with your doctor before adding any supplements to your lifestyle.

Technology, and among other things, is what keeps the world developing and it also keeps the beauty industry on its innovative toes. From the tools we use like flexi rods and hooded dryers down to our daily skincare and cosmetics that many women wouldn’t go a day without, the evolution of the beauty industry is how many of these essentials came into existence. When I bumped into the beauty company DECIEM, I was impressed when I learned that this beauty umbrella, which housed 50 brands, only started in 2013! I browsed through their portfolio of products and that’s where I discovered the Fountain Beauty supplement. I was determined to get my hands on this unconventional beauty invention.

Fountain is a beauty supplement offering water-soluble forms of proven health and beauty nutrients in easy-to-take liquid formats –Fountain Beauty

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Beauty & Hair

6 Ingredients To Look Out For When Purchasing Sunscreens

Our skin is the largest organ and protects us from many elements like bacteria, the cold, the blazing sun, and so many other environmental factors. The official day of summer (June 21st) hasn’t arrived yet but this doesn’t stop the sun from doing it’s job way before that day comes. While sun exposure can be good for us physically (from the vitamin D it gives off) and psychologically (to set our body’s internal clock or what is known as the circadian rhythm) but to much sun can also be harmful as we all know. It’s important too invest in a sunscreen each summer since exposure to the sun is more consistent during this month but our faces should be protected all year round to ward off wrinkles and the break down of collagen. Here is a list of ingredients you want to stear clear of when selecting a sunscreen for yourself or the family thanks to the Campaign For Safe Cosmetics coalition which is housed by the Breast Cancer Fund. A quick look at the ingredients list on the back of your sunscreen before purchasing will go a long way to keep you, your skin, and health safe.


Weaves+Loans=Detroit. Paying Interest on Your Weaves Is A Real Thing?

I was digging and diving to find out more about a new Detroit Black owned business that offers loans for women to purchase their hair extensions yesterday. I watched the YouTube video above and wanted to make sure I share the details and weigh in on the matter with my thoughts. According to Jenice Armstrong, a Daily News Colomnist, The Weave Loan Store is a husband wife team, Fred and Dominique, who started the venture in May.

“It’s harmless. There’s no ill intent,” Fred said yesterday. “We are very sensitive to our customers.” –

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