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Sephora x Original Moxie Offer You A Special Hair & Scalp Experience In Philly

I had mentioned a few weeks back on Instagram about a Sephora in-store event I was participating in. Now I can share the full details with you!

I teamed up with Original Moxie, a hair care brand based out of Michigan, and the Sephora in Philly to offer in-depth analysis of your hair and scalp on October 18, 2015.  You’ll receive a personalized hair care regimen along with a starter kit of their ultra-lux products to pamper your waves, curls, coils & kinks. The products are made from concentrated plant essence and botanical ingredients but I love how the brand takes scalp, density, texture, porosity, moisture, and shape into consideration to make the best product recommendation. This is exactly what you’ll experience at this natural hair event using their specialized Seven Point Assessment (SPA) system that can be sent to you digitally. I know, sounds cool interesting right!

All Sephora locations now carry Original Moxie products and I am excited to be a part of the first location to launch the You’re an Original a special event in the city of brotherly love and sisterly affection!

Come out and visit myself, and my stylist friend Ve, to talk about healthy hair!

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18 Habits To Make A Better ‘You’

If you feel like you could do a little more to keep your mind clear and yourself happier, this article from BUSTLE offers simple suggestions on how to do so. You actually can’t get no more concise than this:

“The reality is that what you are doing today, in this moment, in the next hour, tomorrow morning… that is your life. This is it. The day-to-day of your existence is what it is, and you have to make a conscious choice to enjoy it in the moment, rather than waiting for what’s to come without doing anything to get there first. So here are 18 little ways to adjust yourself to make the most of those minutes and hours; all the ways you don’t realize you’re unintentionally self-sabotaging, and all the little ways you can make things that much easier for yourself.”

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What Is Hair: The Historical Origin and Its Significance

I felt the need to take us back into history to shed some light on the significance of our hair, or hair in general, with information that will make us think differently and more scientifically. Let’s see what is hair? Or what is it’s purpose? Today we associate our hair as a sign of health measured by its strength or how long it can grow. Many of us like to adorn our hair as a way to express personal style, moods, and trends. In other parts of the world it can be a sign of wealth or fertility (I know this for sure from my experience studying in India). 

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Viola Takes Home a Historical Emmy Award & Speaks Truth During Speech

My black women are beautiful and my black women are powerful! Congratulations to Viola Davis for her historical Emmy Award as the first African-American woman to win best actress in a drama and it was also the first time in history that multiple black women were nominated within this category as Tariji P. Henson was also nominated. Even though Henson did take home the win, you can tell she was just as excited and proud for Davis as we all were siting at home watching her.


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Warm Sips: Chestnut Hill Coffee Co. Hot Coco

Mother nature has changed the temperature drastically and Philly is getting lower in the chill zone by the day. I naturally have a low body temperature so warm drinks are my go-to that keep me from turning into an ice cube. It felt good to take a  sip of my favorite hot chocolate from Chestnut Hill Coffee Co. where the cafe makes their own whipped cream and marshmallows in-house. Its just as yummy as it sounds!

I’ll be sure to share more of my favorite warm drinks this season; stay on the look out…


The Fall Is Coming!

The hot summer is walking its way out the door as it greets the fall right on in! There is nothing I love more than wearing my favorite jackets and layered sweaters during the cool fall breeze. The most exciting part is my obsession with wearing all types of boots and footwear, so I all ready started my internet search to figure out where to spend my money and this is what I found:

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Paying Homeage to Our Laborers: Serena Williams X Gatorade

Gatorade released a video commercial that caught my attention this Labor Day while I browsed through YouTube. This holiday “pays tribute to the contributions and achievements of American workers. It was created by the labor movement in the late 19th century and became a federal holiday in 1894.”

In America we’re all considered laborers whether it’s through our craft as artists, athletes, entrepreneurs, or if you’re the moving part who keeps one of the thousands of corporate companies and main stream brands a float 365 days a year. This day is meant to honor you! In this video Gatorade highlights Serena Williams and all of her athletic accolades beginning in her childhood to present day in a compelling one minute segment. No person’s contribution to America’s culture is to less or to small because we all have a sole purpose. Enjoy your Labor Day and stay safe!



Healthy food for hair growth
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Grow Your Hair From The Food You Eat

It’s a no brainier that our eating habits contribute to healthy hair growth. Here are a few foods packed with Vitamin C, Potassium, Iron, Zinc, Vitamin A, and Biotin that will help you to make those healthy changes. You may even find your favorite foods up there so this will give you confirmation to keep eating and enjoying them!


RocksBox’in It At The Beach

I have some more new accessories from Rocksbox and decided to capture a few images while hanging out with my fiance AJ (who by the way took these lovely images!). If you didn’t catch my last blog post about how the unlimited designer jewelry subscription works, then head over here to check out my favorite earrings, that I in fact ended up purchasing, and how simple it is to have accessories sent to your home.

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Hair 101

Really It’s OK. Don’t Become Afraid of Shampoo.

Caring for natural hair takes patience and requires some kind of routine to maintain kinks and curls. Women who wear their hair naturally curly have also become more aware of what type of products are being applied to their hair and scalp because of the delicate nature of our hair. The tight coils may look strong and durable from appearance but it’s truly fragile, yet, strong at the same time. Now that the entire world wants to cater to the natural hair community by creating products for textured hair it seems to be a gift and a curse at the same time. Yes, our hair needs moisture all the time, way more than other textures, because of how quickly it leaves the hair and requires gentle detangling or manipulation, but there are also products out there to help us keep these minor issues in check. Sometimes there are to many products to choose from and naturalitstas can often become ‘product junkies’ trying to find that one miracle product in a jar that really may not exist. One of the major perceptions hair care brands, marketers, and industry influencers (bloggers, YouTubers, etc.) have made women in our community paranoid over would be the use of shampoos. You may think I sound absurd if your someone who only sticks to co-washing but here is why you should not fear shampoos:

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