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Dr. Kari Shares 3 Things You Need to Know About Your Locs

Now that OrganixLocs has a new look and focuses on healthy natural hair, I rarely discuss or covered anything pertaining to locs. After reading an article featuring Dr. Kari, trichologist and founder of Mahogany Hair Revolution Salon and Trichology Clinic, on Naturally Curly, it was well worth sharing. If you ever were curious to learn more about caring for locs for yourself or future references (I already know eventually I will loc my fluffy fro) then take a look at what Dr. Kari has to say about what you need to know about locs!

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Myavana hair care line

Myavana Hair Care: Backed by Science and Technology

When I first learned about the Myavana app launch last year (check out my post about it here) I was ecstatic about staying in the loop to see what innovation the co-founders of Techturized Inc., Candace Mitchell, Chanel Martin, Joy Buolamwini, and Jess Watson were up to.

Snapshot today Myavana not only has a mobile app but has utilized technology to provide a:

Hair Prescription ($19):

Product recommendations for your hair type & texture based on image recognition from submitted hair photos

Ingredient recommendations to maintain healthy hair

Personal Consultation ($49):

Hair Prescription features

Personalized hair care regimens to match your hair needs & lifestyle

Professional recommendations from a master stylist

Hair Analysis ($149):

Hair Prescription & Personal Consultation features

Hair Strand Test to analyze porosity and elasticity levels

Personalized hair product and hairstyle tutorials to achieve desired hair goals

Now that’s how you do HAIR SCIENCE! You can also PREORDER “the all new Myavana Hair Care line, specially designed to eliminate issues with dry hair, frizzy hair, breakage, and more. [The] customized hair care system is formulated based on your unique hair type and texture.” Myavana

For $49 you can receive a customized shampoo, conditioner, and styling aid that’s made JUST for your hair. If you’re tired of spending money on products that just DON’T cut it for you hair, then go the scientific route with a product that will deliver results for you and your hair alone! Myavana has done the hard work for us already ladies 😉


Thank you to my baby cakes @imruggedlygroomed for always going hard for me and #OrganixLocs just as he does for his own brand! We're truly a power team and if you don't know about him follow his site:

for the men in your life so they can care for theire hair and the skin their in too! #menAREnaturals #Ruggedlygroomed #bloggingcouple #phillynaturalhairshow
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I WAS THERE: 2015 Philly Natural Hair Show!!!!

OrganixLocs and  RuggedlyGroomed made our first Philly Natural Hair Show appearance! There was plenty of entertainment for everyone including a live performance by Vivian Green along with stylist hair battles, workshops, and don’t forget the vendors and amazing products to purchase or freebies that were given out. Take a look at the YouTube video and cool photos by Aj himself to get the full experience in case you missed it this year.

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Deep Conditioning At Its Best


The Mane Objective dropped some knowledge about how to effectively deep condition natural hair and I totally agree with the 3 T’s . How much time, at what temperature, and the type of conditioner used will all determine how effective the results will be. Mane Objective also broke down the three types of conditioners as moisture, protein, and balancing. Here are a few tips on what you should look for with each type of conditioner:

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Organic SKin Care
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5 Reasons to Study The Science of Organic Skin Care

Now that I am back from celebrating a friend’s birthday in Las Vegas, its back to business with the blog (but I hope I didn’t make you wait too long!!). My last post was about the natural organic cosmetic brand, Alima Pure, and its only right that I add to the topic by following it up with a post about organic skincare…..BUT more from the science aspect and its importance. Here are 5 reasons to consider studying the science of organic skin care from Formula Botanica Director and Botanical Skincare Scientist Lorraine Dallmeier:

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Beauty Review: Alima Pure #25 Foundation Brush

Alima comes from the sufi word Al Alim, which means that divine wisdom encompasses even the smallest things –Alima Pure

All images are captured by AJ James of RuggedlyGroomed

Alima Pure is a natural mineral cosmetic brand that I’m glad I was able to learn more about. “Alima comes from the sufi word Al Alim, which means that divine wisdom encompasses even the smallest things. To us that means that even life’s most trivial details are rich with significance, and that it’s in the process of living life to the fullest that we are our most beautiful.” -Alima Pure

Not only was I already in the market for a more natural foundation to try, I got to review the most essential application tool which is the #25 Foundation Brush. It retails for $30.00 and believe me when I say it’s well worth each penny!

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floral buckle

Spring Sandal Steals at Forever21

Now that Philly has been revamping its shopping district in Center City, I can hit up Forever21 without trekking all the way to my closest mall, Philadelphia Mills Mall (formally known as Franklin Mills) which isn’t far but still out of the way, for my inexpensive sandal steals. I enjoy having a variety of sandals and I

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HelloBeautiful TV Presents: Women On Top

This video is an awesome must see! I can absolutely say that it was meant for me to watch and share it with all of you because of the empowering component it possessed (so empowering that I could feel the lump in my throat building up as I watched it) and it’s also a perfect time to reflect on other women during March as it is Women’s History Month. I throughly enjoyed HelloBeautiful‘s Women On Top “film featuring Soledad O’Brien, Anika Noni Rose, Eve, Chrisette Michele, Jurnee Smollett, Tia Mowry, Lisa Leslie, Jody Watley, Omarosa Manigualt discuss power, femininity, influence, sexuality and motherhood.”-Youtube

Sit back and listen to the experiences from our women and share the connection with others by using hashtag #WOT!


Transitioning Your Winter Style Into Spring

It hasn’t stopped snowing quite yet (well for those of us in Philadelphia it surely hasn’t) but it’s time to begin that leap into spring when the season does decide to show up. You can switch out a few items in place of others or layer garments to keep the chill off your back on cooler days. It’s simple….

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Unwash Explains The Theory of a Cleansing Conditioner

Unwash is a line of cleansing hair products that is here to make you rethink the way you wash your hair. Their products are gluten-free (perfect for those with allergies), 100% organic, and other hair friendly ingredients. Take a look at the graphic below to learn more.